Tuesday, 09 July 2024
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I need to keep the cloud/desktop connection capabilities that AutoDesk provides. Prior to subscribing to CAD F/X I had and still have, a subscription to AutoCAD LT. Now it seems I have some seriously redundant functionality in the two for way too much $. But the one service that Autodesk provides is the virtual drive and explorer access through the Desktop Connect app. I don't necessarily need my own virtual drive but the app allows me to be working with others that do have a drive. So in effect I'm paying $500 a year for AutoCAD native interface software. (And no there is no separate standalone subscription for just Connect.) Any help is *much* appreciated.

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If you require the Desktop Connect service, then you'll need to continue to pay for that, that's not something that we can offer. The alternative would be if you and these others firms were to use a different SOF service, like Dropbox or Google Drive.

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