Thursday, 13 June 2024
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I am currently working on a project, where I have a landscape plan DWG (has all the plants) x-ref into a hardscape plan (with no plants). When I went to generate a concept plant schedule, it generated with correct plants and quantity IF I do that in the landscape plan DWG, BUT if I generate it in the hardscape plan DWG, there are a bunch of plants missing.

See the attached screenshot, the schedule on the left was generated in the landscape plan, and the schedule on the right is generated in the hardscape plan, which has the landscape plan as a x-ref. Screenshot 2024-06-13 175109.png

I have ensured that include xref is turned on, ensured the layer status of the xref is exactly the same as the original file.
The problem not only seems to be missing a whole category of plants, the incorrect schedule also miscalculated the quantity. In the screenshot example, the system recognize there are 4-in hardwood mulch, but the schedule doesn't calculate the quantity correctly.
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This can happen when the Landscape plan needs to be Audited. Simply run an Audit and fix any errors in it.
That should allow the system to scan through the entire xref without issue.

Hi all, Jesse with Land F/X here. We found excessive proxy objects causing plants to not be read correctly by the planting schedule while the planting drawing was xref'd into another file. Using our cleanup tools like Nuke and Clean Export upon receipt of base files to be used in our design files is your best bet at being proactive and preventing corruption-related issues.

Drawing Corruption Explained
Cleaning Files with the Nuke Tool
Clean Export
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