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Incoming wall of text, apologies

There's a handful of ways to do a plan detail utilizing Land F/X (LFX). The #1 goal in doing plan details is never to redraw masterbase linework. Other goals are to have it indexed in the detail manager as well have the ability to add dims, notes, and bubble callouts.

Method 1 - LFX typical - In a blank drawing, xref your DWG(s). Put a detail template around the area you want. Run xclip to template border. Add annotations. Save detail, index detail into the manager. Place on sheet

Pros - pretty typical method, everyone knows how to do this. Annotates easily.
Cons - Multiple details on a sheet cause a mess with layer management across the xrefs.

Method 2 - Viewport - In a blank drawing xref your DWG(s). In paperspace make a viewport of the area you want to show

Pros - Very simple. It's just another plan view but at a tighter scale. Can use VPfreeze to get xrefs correct across multiple plan details on a single paperspace
Cons - No bubble callouts, deep annotation. Not indexed in detail manager

Method 3 - Insert detail viewport - In a blank drawing xref your DWG(s). Run insert detail viewport around the area you want. Index into detail manager. Annotate. Place on sheet

Pros - Indexed in detail manager. Get flexibility of VPfreeze
Cons - No bubble callouts. Requires some training

My questions

  • I want to use detail viewport for my plan enlargements. But I still want to use bubble callouts. Is this possible? Or any text I place inside of the "detail" needs to just be mleaders? Dims are great, but would be better with notes and bubble callouts
  • Is it possible to utilize the new viewport tool inside of a detail viewport?

Effectively what I want is to be able to have a "plan enlargements" DWG, xref in all my base DWGs. Run detail viewport and place a bunch of plan enlargements frames. Annotate them with dims and bubble callouts and then place them in paper space and use new viewport to isolate/freeze everything outside or the area of focus. I've had to use work area suffix in the past to achieve this freezing ability.

A note on New Viewport tool - I would love to use this but after testing I'm not able to use the new viewport tool inside of a placed detail viewport. New viewport seemingly does not work in a blank drawing where everything is xref'd. Only in the working file itself.
Kevin Pfeiffer set the type of the post as  Issue — 4 weeks ago
Kevin, as I understand it, your main ask is for bubble callouts inside detail viewports. I think that's doable and can get on the wishlist.

Our "New Viewport" tool (honestly we been discussing that we need to rename this to something else) is more of a picture-in-picture tool. It's meant to be used on a viewport in a layout space and select a work area to create a focus viewport inside a greyed out viewport. Power Tip: Show More with New Viewport

For what I think you're describing, you'd need to use new viewport on the viewport placed in layout sheet, but you'd first have to have a work area inside the detail boundary to help the new viewport tool clip.

3 weeks ago
Thanks for adding to the wish list.

Agreed on "new viewport" maybe needing a rebrand? Picture-in-picture? Focused viewport? Tough one to think of.

To delve deeper (sorry not the best writer, please see my sketch attached) - From what I understand a Detail Viewport is a viewport in-and-of-itself. Therefore I could use new VP to isolate / focus the content inside of my detail viewport.
Kevin, yes you should be able to do that.
3 weeks ago

Maybe I am missing something but the process seems to only create a new viewport / isolated view of the detail template placed in model space. Not the things xref'd in model space as shown in my sketch. See my video example in the link below. Let me know if I'm taking a wrong turn somewhere.

Still stands a wish to be able to do bubble callouts and such in detail viewports!

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