Thursday, 21 March 2024
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Good day all,

we have drip emitter areas in our small project.
the plants in this drip emitter area are shrubs 20 l.
we assigned 2 hunter emitter 20=2 GPH = 8 l/h EACH

Logically, the flow rate of the drip emitter areas of the 45 shrub shall be
45 X 8 X2 = 720 LPH = 12 L/M.

But, the size of the valve is giving 42 l/m..
am doubting that its calculating in a wrong unit.

Can you help please?

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2 months ago
I am hopeful you have gone through some of the low hanging troubleshooting steps of making sure proper equipment (and units) were selected, Verify was run, there are no errant pipe fittings, and your polyline boundaries are set properly. If these were done, then I can only ask that you send us a Tech Support ticket with files, and point us to the places in the design that are giving these high readings so we can help troubleshoot further. Thanks!
Jake ,

thank you.
I just sent the drawing in a support ticket.

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