Friday, 13 January 2023
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I'd like to be able to use the typical concrete hatches and apply background colors to show where different concrete finishes should be applied. I added the custom hatches in the attached image into the LandFX hatch system but the background color data doesn't save into the system. Any ideas on how to get this to work without manually tweaking each project? I'm curious if it's possible to do this another way such as a new seamless raster texture saved as a hatch with SUPERHATCH but not sure if that would create performance issues.
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I didn't see an attached image in this forum post.

You definitely don't want to use SUPERHATCHes in your DWG drawing. They look great, but on a landscape design scale they completely bog down a drawing to a crawl. That's why Land F/X areas don't support SUPERHATCHes.

You can use reference notes for your concrete and place them as areas with hatches. Once you do that, you're then able to simply use the colour render tool to have Land F/X automatically place the colour hatches behind each refnote area hatch.

Using colour render has 3 major benefits:
1. You can easily change the colour in the refnote info, and then rerun colour render to change all placed areas.
2. Colour render has an off button, so it's more drafting friendly (ever try to select things with a bunch of solid hatches in a drawing? It's horrible). Turning the solid colour on and off takes seconds and saves a lot of headache.
3. Your concrete is now a smart refnote object, and you can use more refnote tools on it like quick labels, schedules or area or volume, highlight, verify labels, or cost estimates.

Reference Notes (RefNotes): Getting Started
Site Color Render: Add Color to Area/Volume Reference Notes (RefNotes) Hatches

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