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Please enable Irrigation Manager to Import Project > Type workflow, rather than vice versa. It doesn't make any sense to start from the Type window if we're not sure what a Project has in it. If an employee is directed to import the Irrigation equipment from a specific project, why are they expected to go through all the blank equipment Types in importing equipment from one Project to another? It would make much more sense to select the Project, and then import from the EXISTING equipment Type list, not run into a bunch of dead ends and error messages selecting equipment Types that aren't on a project.

We work with municipalities throughout California and need to roll over irrigation equipment from one project to the next. Are we to maintain Templates in parallel with Projects through the design phase under a given client??

The tool would require fewer clicks to simply import Equipment from a recent project, and have that drill down to specific Irrigation Equipment Types that actually exist. If we start a second project from a Client, why do we have to go through trial and error for Irrigation equipment from a specific project? Are we expected to maintain a project throughout the course of Design phase in parallel with Templates? Seems like duplicating the workload.

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I support his request. But only if it allowed the user to select the various categories to import. I may not want to use all of the Auxiliary Equipment from a certain project, but do want all of the drip elements.

If you want all of the irrigation equipment from a project, a workaround could be to create a template from the project from which the elements are to be pulled from. Then use that template for the project. Would this work for you?
Both valid suggestions and already a part of our wishlist. I will make sure to bump this up in the list to ensure we have proper mockups of how this will function. However, there are a few higher projects that will be coming before this, so any other mockups or examples that you would like to provide will only help push this one forward! Thanks guys!
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