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Good morning,

The way I understand it there are 3 ways to add existing details to a project. Apologies on the incoming wall of text.

1. Import - Click import on your detail manager got pick a bunch from other projects. Positive of simple, con of not copying the detail and renaming for the specific project as well cannot put into specific detail folders

2. Click and drag - Open the detail explorer, drag a drop the detail you want into your project detail folder. Positive of simple and it being copied and renamed for the project, con of being time intensive as you can only do one at a time

3. New - Open your project manager, change your detail folder to the specific detail folder (let's say planting). Go to detail manager, click new, and then select all the details you want from a project. Copies over. Pro of copying and renaming as well as able to drop in specific detail folders, con of being many clicks and room for mistakes

We elect to take the 3rd track as it's vital that we make copies of existing details, have them renamed for the new project, and be able to pick multiple at once. This option is the only way to achieve all of that.

- My question - One vital step to the 3rd option is to change your detail folder in the project manager of where you want the selected details to copy into. It's a way of telling Land FX where to copy them into. However whenever I change the set detail folder I get a pop up that says, "Would you like to Copy the existing details to the new location?". I always say no. After searching around Land FX documentation I cannot find any literature on this pop up.

Could you explain what this pop up is and what it does? I have a hard time interpreting what it means exactly.

Kevin Pfeiffer set the type of the post as  Issue — 4 months ago

Basically you are hitting on a necessary improvement. In the New Detail dialog box, when adding a detail to be copied to a project folder, there needs to be a dropdown box to select which sub-folder you would like to use. Since that is not there, you are having to change the overall project detail folder assignment, which is correctly asking if you wish to copy everything there. As currently designed, the assumed better practice is to add all details to the root project detail folder, and then drag/drop them to sub-folders as desired. Importantly, leaving the project detail folder assignment be, as changing it while others are working on it at the same time will sow chaos.
We have multiple detail improvements scheduled for this summer, and this is one of them.

3 months ago
Thanks for the response - I'll work on making the workflow that of putting into the detail into the root folder and then move the details to their folders in the explorer before placing on a sheet.
Hi Kevin,

To add to your wall:
Another way to bring details in is to have them tied to design elements in a template.
Another way is to import the element (for instance an irrigation valve) from another project.
Another way is to import a detail that is tied to others through the detail manager callout tool. For instance, a tree planting detail that references, through the detail callout, a tree staking detail and/or a root barrier detail.

I've never been convinced to use project detail folders. I know that many do, and believe that options are good. I've heard the pros and cons, but the pros don't seem to outweigh the cons. Is some of this issue related to saving to a project folder? If so, is it really worth having copies of your detail in multiple locations? Maybe it does, or maybe it's a workflow that could be reassessed.

Good post. Thank you!
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