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I've got a project where the irrigation main line infrastructure has already been installed. It's a complicated site, involving several wells and booster pump stations, as well as at least 6 different types/sizes of main line. I've set up my drawing with a separate ML pipe class for each type/size already in the ground, as well as for additional main to be installed by the LS contractor. When I size the system, the pipe class I've drawn for the already-installed 4" Sch 40 main, for example, will change to the 2" SDR 21 main if the volume isn't high enough. I've set up each class with only the size installed available. If I'm sending too much volume through a given class, I'll get the message saying I need bigger pipe, so I adjust my flow zones, etc. If too low, it just goes ahead and switches classes.

Is there any way to make my choices "stick?"

And a related note: can I add, or can we get, more ML pipe class choices? In this case, 6 is not enough.

I just had a nice call from Jake. Here's the simple solution: use caps to inflate the flow, so that the proper pipe size shows. I used the non-plot one, and it does the trick. And I use flow zones to limit flow though certain pipes to keep their sizes smaller.

There's the other trick of leaving a pipe class blank between classes, which keeps the system from using the next size up (or down, I think?) in the adjacent class. There's a thread from a few weeks ago where I was straining to understand this, if you want to learn more.

Jake says to check the knowledge base, too.

Thanks Jake!
2 years ago
Thanks for the recap, I couldn't say it better myself ;) Here is the link on how to manage your Pipe data (accompanied with a nice little video):

Pipe Data
Tom and All,

I had the same issue, Here is THE LINKthe link to the other post in which Cad Monkey (Luis ;)) explains the leaving of the pipe size blank. In my opinion, this is an excellent way to address the issue without adding any pipe caps to your drawing. I don't know where else it's documented, but both of these options would seem to be good solutions to be discussed in the LandFX website in the mainline section (Jason?)
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