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We are working on switching our LandFX profile. We created a temporary Profile as we refined these standards before releasing them to the whole company. The intent is to eliminate the "Test profile" and save over our standard profile to display the new font style. Now we are at the transition point and want to know the best process for releasing the new Profile company-wide. Is it possible to make this transition simply through a change in the profile names (change the current standard profile to something denoting it as deprecated and change the new standard profile to the current profile name). How will this impact projects set up with the current profile (will they follow the depreciated profile with the new name or will they automatically update based on the renaming of the new standard?)

Please feel free to ask any additional questions that might require clarification. Any feedback on transitioning to new font styles would be helpful,
- Amanda
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By "Profile" I assume you are referring to the Preference Set.
This is going to be incredibly easy, and I do hope this is part of choosing some gorgeous TrueType fonts for your office.
I would not bother with renaming the Preference Sets for multiple reasons. Primarily, there is just no reason to keep around the old preferences. If for any reason you needed an existing project to use the old fonts, you can always correct this in the AutoCAD Text Styles dialog if necessary. Instead, I'm going to recommend making the switch so that any existing project can easily switch to the new fonts.
Simply assign the text styles in Preferences to your new fonts. Then, in any existing drawing, which may have all old fonts, or a mix of old and new, you can simply type REAT to REload All Text styles. This will redefine all text styles with the new fonts.
The only real issue, is going to be in how the new fonts wrap, particularly in MText, and most commonly, in Details. It is extremely common to open up a detail, type REAT, and see some blocks of Mtext now spilling to one additional line, overlapping other objects. Of course sometimes the new font choice is a bit slimmer, in which case this is a non-issue.
But that is realistically the only issue in changing fonts. Sure, schedules will need to be re-generated, and labels will need to be re-verified, but that just takes a click.
Happy fonting!


Jake and Jer both explained everything pretty well. I would like to chime in on something that Jer kind of touched upon, but I think should be explained further. After attending one of the LandFX webinars on fonts (and some deserved shaming from Jer), we decided to change from SHX to True types. Jer mentioned that there may be hiccups in the details. Well, we experienced the font issue in our details. The new TT fonts are kernelled longer which did one of two things. It caused the text to wrap over the next callout, or it extended the text into the adjacent detail (if the text was located on the right-hand side of the detail which is our standard.) We had hundreds of details and of course many placed in current drawings. After seeing this we considered options. One of the solutions was extremely easy. Here's how we solved it. In the text manager option of the preference set manager is a box to set the text width. We changed ours to 0.9 and the issue went away. Just like that. How easy is that?

Good luck on a smooth transition. We love how easy LandFX makes it to modify the LandFX program to match our company standards.
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