Wednesday, 07 June 2023
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I have two projects in which I would like to generate one plant schedule, to include placed plants from both projects. Is this possible? These projects are being submitted as one application and I would like to have one, combined plant schedule shown.

I have project 1 xrefed into project 2 and would like to generate a plant schedule in project 2's base dwg. Project 1 is assigned to L/X Project A and Project 2 is assigned to L/X Project AB. Project 2's plant manager was imported from Project 1 and then expanded upon.

Any ideas or tips?
Amanda Taylor set the type of the post as  Issue — 11 months ago

If you run the schedule with the "Include xrefs" option, the plants will indeed be merged into a single schedule. However in order to this, the other plants will be added to the current project. So it all depends on what exactly you mean by "expanding" upon the original palette of project 1. If entirely new plants were added, then that could still be the host project to run the combined schedule. But if plants with the same Code were edited to have different parameters, then there's no ability to merge those two schedules perfectly.
One option would be to create a temporary third projects, to hold all the plants of both projects for the purpose of running the combined schedule.

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