Thursday, 06 April 2023
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My team and I are wondering if there is a way to sort the plant manager by Common Name Alphabetically? We find it interesting that the plant manager has the columns and headers that you can click on but they do not sort. Is this a feature that we are just overlooking or is this not a possible option but needs to be a requested feature?

We have received a few wishlist requests to allow sorting the plant list by clicking on column headers. Other users have also expressed a desire to display additional fields, such as water use and size range. And some legacy users still fondly remember the old dialog from 2004 - 2015 that displayed preview images of the plants. We have all of this noted for future improvements of the Plant Manager.
Adding a sort capability to the various columns is definitely on the easier end, we just haven't received very many requests for it. However we do still plan on adding that capability. It could happen later this year, but our current priority is addressing the many wishlist requests for the Plant Schedule. As that project ends later this year, we can see about addressing the manager sorting options.

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