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This started happening a couple weeks ago, although it was hard to pinpoint exactly when it started. The bug is that the new plant schedule command will no longer recognize work areas properly, and in turn only pick up a portion of the plants that are actually in the plan. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to which plants are chosen and which aren't; in fact, sometimes a portion of the same plant symbols (exact same block) will be picked up and the rest left out. If you copy one of the plant blocks within the work area, it picks up the copies when regenerating a new schedule, but leaves others out still. If you opt out of choosing a work area and type "e" for entire drawing, the new schedule suddenly updates properly. If I create a new work area, it essentially ignores the work area and does nothing. The legacy version of the schedules seems to work on this particular file, but on another file it did not update properly either.

Has anyone else had this issue?

See video here:
Aaron Cagle set the type of the post as  Bug — 1 month ago
Aaron, what you're experiencing was a requested improvement to how nested work areas behave when selecting a single work area. This was shipped with update 20.43, April 19, 2024. "HotFix: Plant Schedule, selecting a single work area, supports nested areas." Updates Notes Page

This new behaviour was also shown in our Power Tip: Advanced Work Areas, that was sent out with our May 21 Newsletter.

When you select a single work area and that work area contains a nested work area within it, the outer work area schedule will now exclude the contents interior work area.

Work areas decide if a plant is inside them by either the insertion point of a plant block, or the majority vertices of a plant area.

If you'd like an entire schedule, don't use a work area. Just run an entire drawing schedule. You can double click the schedule block to permanently change the title to your desired "Plant Schedule Entire".

This is all based on requests to have the plant schedule work area schedule do the following:
1. Promote documentation best practices where plants are not counted twice in two different schedules.
2. Make it so that individual work area schedules all have the same quantity break downs as when you run an All Work Areas schedule (where it created one schedule but has columns for all work areas).
1 month ago

This makes a lot of sense re: the issue at hand. Thank you for the quality of explanation.

While I understand how this can help more straightforward landscape plans that don't have overlapping areas, for a firm like ours doing huge commercial projects and complicated developments that have many overlapping areas, this is a nightmare. We'll now have to manage our work areas by moving certain ones orthogonally to avoid this nesting behavior. We've had several instances now where the plant schedules have been updated on older plans and someone didn't notice the difference, and not only does this make clients upset but it makes us look unreliable.

Is there any way the development team would consider making the nesting behavior one of two behavior options, the other being the original way they worked? This could be placed in the settings somewhere. We are happy to have a solution at hand, but I think in the long-term having both options would be better for everyone.

The drawing that you attached is a perfect example - the only nesting of work areas that you have, is a unnecessary outer "ENTIRE" work area. You can simply delete this work area, and right click for Entire Drawing instead.

We will certainly ponder continuing to improve the software, but having the quantities line up regardless of option chosen was most important. Looking forward, we do have a dialog box for editing work areas, so that would make the most sense to put some sort of option in that dialog regarding overlapping or nested work areas.

But in the meantime, when you do you have a situation where you need to ignore nested work areas, it should only take a couple minutes to move the work areas into xrefs, to be able to easily toggle them as necessary.

1 month ago
Thanks J,

We decided that we will move the work areas as necessary, as you suggested here. I appreciate your time and all the effort to work with us.

One of our employees suggested that we be able to click which work areas we want included in a schedule, and maybe that's the best way to display the option in the dialog box. It could generate a list of existing work areas, and you can check or uncheck which ones you want to include in a schedule.

Again, thank you, and we're happy we now understand how to approach the schedules to get correct quantities.

PS. As a rule of thumb, our firm doesn't use the "entire" function when generating schedules because there have been "ghost" plants on frozen layers, or "ghost" plants off in model space that were copied by accident, and these can inflate quantities on the schedule without being obvious.

Yes, incorporating it into the schedule dialog is another thing we have been pondering, to allow selecting more than one work area. So this is also a possibility. It would also allow modifying the work area assignment from the Edit option of the schedule.

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