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Good afternoon dear all ,

I used PolyDivide to divide a specific area of dripline with specific hatch to 2 areas but it resulted in two areas with two different hatches as shown in the attached images.

I am wondering what is the reason for this however the PolyDivide tool was working fine earlier.


The different hatch showed same description of the original dripline area.
I tried to place the original dripline area in order to get the original hatch in the different hatched area but didn't work.

the way it worked was to delete the different hatch and place the original dripline area and I finally got the two parts with the same hatch.

I just sent the files in a support ticket for better observation.

Thanks In Advance,
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Update 01


Thanks for sending in your files. I was unable to replicate in a blank file or on any of my own drawings, so this seems isolated to this drawing. Can you please confirm that as well by testing in a blank file with this same project data file?

I was able to place a new GC dripline area on top of the old, replace the data with the new drip data and then use polydivide, and things stayed the way it should. It seems this is going to be your only option to fix things up.

You are welcome to tell me the process you took to place all these drip options and we might be able to tell you something different. Did you copy boundaries around? Did you manually change hatch patterns or match properties through the cad match properties command? Any insight into your workflow might help.

Update 02

Thank you Jake,

First, I just tried testing the same in a blank file with this same project data file and it worked fine.
so I can see that this issue is related to the Drawing am working on.
Second, I did place a new dripline area in my drawing and applied polydivide on it and it also worked perfect surprisingly.

Third, I did place a new dripline area on an old one and applied polydivide and it also worked fine.

sometimes we do need to either copy the boundaries around the shrubs and ground cover to apply the dripline area.
or copy the the shrub or GC area itself then generate boundary to apply the dripline area.

After I faced the problem yesterday while applying the Polydivide resulting in two different hatches I tried using the mimic tool to match both hatches of the specific dripline required to be applied in the area I was working on.

The drawing worked good till the moment with all these trials.
But wondering what made it behave weirdly yesterday however I didn't face this issue before while working on the same file and the polydivide was working perfect.

3 weeks ago
Thanks for confirming my tests and workflows got you back on track. As to why this has happened, it seems that the copying and reusing of polylines intended for other items is what is causing the issue. I have passed things over to our development team to see if we can dig into what is happening with one of the dripline areas that continue to change, even when extracted into a blank file. We will keep you posted on our findings.
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