Monday, 23 July 2018
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I couldnt find much info on the forum regarding this.

Are their plans (or is this already available) to possibly use the spot elevations to help quantify areas with slope. not huge deal since we calculate them long hand, but it would be nice to get this with one swift click of a button.


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Yes, it's been mentioned and is on the wishlist.

We're thinking that the best method would be to apply the slope to a non-plot boundary like with a work area, and potentially coordinate it with associated slope callouts.
We're still working out the details like how to edit such a capability, the layer naming conventions for both the slope box and the plants placed within it, how to coordinate multiple instances of these areas.

Slopes wouldn't be set on a hatch-by-hatch basis, but instead would be connected to these areas.

Let me know if you have any additional thoughts on how you would need it to function beyond that.

Something like having an average of all the slopes within a work area? it could work. A polyline for top of slope, then another for bottom, and some how factor in the elevation heights. trying to wrap my brain on things like having the top of slope having different elevations, same with the bottom polyline.

The thing is you have to manually have to input the slope percentage or ratio. it would be nice to have LFX figure things out just be clicking on top and bottom elevation callouts. or even have some dynamic dimensioning when either elevation gets moved or changed, and see the slope factor change real-time, to fine tune areas before quantifying them out.

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Belt Collins Hawaii

These are good things to consider. Thanks!

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