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2024-07-01 11_38_55-Window.png 2024-07-01 11_38_55-Window.png Sometimes, we need specific divisions generated in a specific order for a Schedule. One example is base (most) divisions, and Alternate items. It doesn't do to create a schedule with only one division, and it doesn't do to create a schedule with Divisions sorted by name.

In the attachment BLUE rectangle, the Division dropdown needs an option for checkboxes next to each Division perhaps <Multiple>, which generates a popup window wherein the specific Divisions can be selected.
In addition, the RED rectangle needs a Custom Division sort option with grabbable items to reorder them.

See attachment 2, for a GUI that integrates both check and drag and drop order.

Let me know if you have any questions or why this is technically infeasible.

Thank you,
Daniel 2024-07-01 11_38_55-Window.png 2024-07-01 11_38_55-Window.png 2024-07-01 11_38_55-Window.png
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We have both requests to select more than one division, and to have custom sorting on the wishlist.

For the sorting, I’m not seeing the benefit to having it set from the schedule dialog box. Since the divisions are defined in Preferences, the plan is to enable drag drop reordering there, and have it saved with the division list.

For selecting more than one division, there is a notable technical constraint, in that there is not a dropdown list control that has checkboxes to select multiple items. So this would need to be invented or faked in some fashion — the only way I can think of pulling it off would be to replace the dropdown control with just a text control that can display the list of divisions selected, and a down arrow button that would cause a checklist control to appear, along with a small “OK” button. So while not completely impossible, it’s just certainly not ideal.

There are a couple workaround methods to get multiple divisions on a schedule. One, would be to place the Optional items in a separate drawing. Alternately, the Optional items could be placed as Concept Graphics Nodes, which would move them to a completely different schedule, while also giving them more graphical punch, making it very visibly clear where the client is to make decisions.

So while the division reordering should be implemented in the next couple months here, the ability to select more than one division is still pending the resolution of how to pull that off in the dialog box.

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