Thursday, 11 May 2023
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I know in one of the recent webinars from Amanda there was a slide about the node export tool from Revit to Lumion in a couple years. However, has anybody found a workaround using Revit, or is everybody still utilizing the sketchup node ruby script still for Lumion renderings and mass plant placement? Which means we're having to punch through four different programs, (autocad, revit, sketchup, & lumion) to accomplish the mission? I trust running back and forth between Revit and autocad, but sketchup is so bootleg, I don't trust it at all when it comes to larger projects...
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After a quick little search here, I see that Lumion recommends exporting dwg files from Revit to import directly. And there is an ability to export a dwg using the Revit API. So the only remaining piece of the puzzle, is if we would be able to create a temporary view in Revit for each species of plant. If so, then we could absolutely script the same thing we do from SketchUp, and spit out a separate file for each plant.
We will look into this!

1 year ago
Hey Jeremiah, thank you for the response, this is definitely on our firm's #1 wish list, (can we help pitch in on overtime?). When it's just a small rooftop amenity deck, it's less of an issue to manually place the plants in Lumion, but when it's a large site and you start pushing over 3,000 plants then node replacement is an absolute lifesaver, so thankfully sketchup is an option... But we would love to only be operating primarily in just Revit and Lumion ;) Keep fight'n the good fight for us!
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