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I'm just starting to kick the tires on this idea but wanted to post it here to see if anyone had any thoughts or experiences with something similar.
The gist is our office is potentially looking for some hourly help to get Land F/X Setup (correctly) in our office and integrated into our office standards.

A little background, I have used Land F/X at two previous firms as an entry-level landscape architect.
Really kept the use pretty basic and came into systems and companies that were already established and set up with multiple users across multiple offices and Land F/X.

3 years ago I came on board at a new company as the 2nd full-time hire and only 4th employee.
I brought Land F/X with me; however, I honestly didn't get it set up to the degree it should have been.
And I know just enough to be dangerous.

We have been using (although inefficiently) Land F/X for the last 3 years and things are finally starting to catch up.
Part of the issue was I couldn't really set up standards in Land F/X as we were really working through establishing what they would even be as an office to begin with.

We now have those standards; however, we are still doing a lot of things manually or manipulating Land F/X in a way that is not efficient and not in the way it was originally intended to be used.

I'm potentially looking for some help from a Land F/X expert to almost "take us back to the beginning" to reset our Land F/X setup and work through the office standards integration from the beginning.
Unfortunately, as a small office, I have tried to do some things along the way but just can't dedicate the time necessary (or have a full understanding) to be able to tackle this solo.

Is that something someone has had any experience with?

I'd also be happy to go into a little more detail about some of the issues we are having and trying to overcome if need be.
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Looks like you also reached out to us in a ticket and some calls and we're on the way to setting you up with extra personalized paid training.

I'm also going to put some other resources here to check out for you, and for anybody else coming across this forum post.

101: First Steps with Land F/X
102: A Land F/X Tour
103: Matching Your Office Standards

Planting F/X for Beginners
Planting F/X for Beginners Part 2

Implementing Your Office CAD Standards

But paid training (that comes with a recording) is a great way to jump start and give direction to the training process too and give specific instructions for your specific standards.

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