Monday, 12 February 2024
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The Autodesk utility does not work with v. 2024 yet. I have no choice but to wait to be allowed to close that box and run DELREGAPPS. Any chance you can take out that delay? Thanks!
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You can click the Quit button at any time.
The dialog only appears in a drawing that has a Land F/X project assigned, so seeing it is indicative of a very poor CAD practice. It means a file was xref'ed without first cleaning it, giving a high risk of damaging the file.
Simply clean xrefs before attaching them, and you will never see the orange dialog again.
Also note, that the timer for the dialog increases one second each time you see it up to the maximum.
Meaning, that you just clicked past it at least 30 times before addressing it. So it sure sounds to me like the timer is a good thing, otherwise you would have just kept clicking past it.

I know about cleaning xrefs before attaching them, but sometimes one will slip through. I appreciate the warning dialog, but would rather not wait any longer than I have to to clean things up. And as I said, the autodesk utility doesn't work with v. 2024 yet. Which is a total PITA when you've got a dozen xrefs to clean up, or you don't know which one is causing the problem and you can't just clean up the whole folder.
It says it works with 2024:

You can also use BatchMan with either the Nuke or Purge+ options.

I get this:

As the instructions indicate, you need to extract the files into your AutoCAD program file location.

Oh duh. I should really pay more attention... Thanks for your help!
"Simply clean xrefs..."?
Every time the Civil's send a new set of bases you may have to "simply" do it again. That's not on LandFX. It's the Civil's. Grrrr.
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