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Our detail management system makes it easy to customize, design, save, edit, call out, and organize your details.

Share organized and up-to-date details.

Working with AutoCAD details has never been this simple!


File details into a single master hierarchy. Everyone in your office can access every detail from every project.

It's accessible in CAD.

Your detail library is right where you need it.

• Access your detail library in CAD

• Search functionality

• Organize details how you want

• Check out a preview before you place

Share with your team.

Use the same detail library as everyone else in your office. Stay standardized and connected.

Keep it all together.

We make it easy to keep the details in your library in order. You can move, edit, replace, and even add notes to them.

Content Libraries

With a wealth of hatch patterns and 10,000+ blocks in an ever-growing library, you'll always have ready-to-go content for creating your details. You can even customize our blocks and hatches or create your own from scratch.


Give your plans the exact look you're after, down to the last detail. (Pun intended.) Customize labels, layer and line colors, fonts, title blocks, plotting preferences, and more. Apply your standards to every project, office-wide.


Build exactly what you want, and annotate with complete control.

Detail Enlargement

Quickly create a close-up view of a portion of your detail. Scale it to your liking, and the dimensions will stay the same.


Place details across multiple sheets and keep the scale consistent. Once placed in a detail, blocks will scale automatically while hatches, blocks, callouts, and text remain standardized.


Call out a detail in seconds, adding its number and title to the callout with a single click. Callouts update automatically if you make changes.


Insert a Placeholder where you know you'll need a callout later. Then use our Associate tool when you’re ready. The Placeholder will turn into a callout referencing the detail you select.

Placeholder callout

Detail callout of the same style

Bubble Callouts

Quickly create these space-saving number callouts, and accompanying notes, on the fly while creating a detail. Then place a schedule listing each note. It’s easy to copy Bubble Callouts between details. Save time and avoid repetition.


Assign your preferred look to your detail callouts, down to the arrow style.

Update Callouts

Callouts update automatically if you make changes. Revisions don't have to be painful.

CAD Tools

Get a quiver of time-saving CAD tools that speed up your most tedious tasks – all under one roof.


Batch file processor


Change Xref layer properties from your main drawing


Do a smart PEDIT to join all objects on a layer


“Paint” hatches using specially designed brush shapes


Split closed polyline areas accurately


One-click file cleaner


Smart objects and schedules for site amenities, hardscaping materials, and more

Concept Graphics

Illustrative graphics with scheduling


Save heaps of time by running the same actions on multiple files, or folders of files.


Quickly change the colors and linetypes assigned to layers in your Xrefs, without leaving your main drawing.

Select a line from a file you've Xrefed into your drawing.

Instantly change the color of that entire layer.


Clean up messy linework in no time at all – now available from a button on the ribbon.


Add to existing hatches, or paint them on the fly. Use one of our default brush shapes, or create your own!

Need to expand a hatch?

Choose a brush shape and start painting.

Or paint hatches from scratch.


Divide a polyline region evenly, or along a designated segment.


Fight drawing corruption by using this tool every time you open drawings from others.


From boulders and bricks to products from actual manufacturers, RefNotes are your go-to for furnishings, hardscaping, and other smart site objects.

Concept Graphics

Use these smart objects at the schematic design level to suggest focal points, area and directional usage, and more.

Example Concept Graphic line

Example Concept Node

Design F/X will pay for itself in the time you save.

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