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How many hours have you spent perfecting your details – and then tracking them down when you need them? What if you could cut that time to a fraction while still ensuring accuracy? Our software will completely redefine the way you work with details.

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From initial drafting to scaling (and rescaling) to the inevitable eleventh-hour edits, our detail system streamlines the entire detail-building process.
If your office uses details, Design F/X is a no-brainer.

Toolbar for organizing details.

Design F/X is the detail-processing powerhouse that forms the core element of our software. Organize your office’s standard details into a central storage system, accessible from CAD by multiple users. Draft your details and place callouts and text, knowing all the while that everything will scale correctly on any sheet. Edit multiple details in a hurry, and have your changes applied automatically to your drawing and the original detail files. Callouts are updated and details renumbered automatically. It’s engineered simplicity – only from Land F/X.

See our latest client-inspired features in action.

We’re constantly evolving our software based on feedback from our clients. It’s how we continue to give you the tools you need to work faster and more efficiently. Each week, we produce a short Power Tip video (about 2 minutes in length, on average) showcasing our latest user–requested features.

How easy is it to learn? Incredibly.

When you install our software, you’re installing a set of additional AutoCAD functions designed just for you. It’s like your landscape architecture tool belt. Need a little help? We’ve got the learning resources you need. We strive to make CAD-based landscape design simple, intuitive, and fun.

Weekly 2-Minute Power Tip Videos

Users like you have made Land F/X what it is today.

Our weekly Power Tip videos showcase features or techniques that maximize efficiency and accuracy in the design process. Presented by our in-house landscape architects and irrigation designers, these brief but insightful educational tools are based directly on client requests. Here are three of our most recent Details Power Tip videos:

Land F/X with Training Wheels

Just like riding a bike, learning our software might seem challenging at first – but you’ll be cruising in no time! Start with the fundamentals by watching our brief training videos. One step (roll?) at a time, we’ll guide you through the essential tools and techniques, from building your palette to placing plants, labeling, error checking, scheduling, and creating a dynamite presentation. Jump on!

Everything You Need to Know About Land F/X

Videos are great, but nothing can replace good old-fashioned reading. Our documentation section is extensive, meticulously organized, updated constantly, and completely searchable. Learn all about our software and pick up some valuable AutoCAD tips – all at your own pace.

Weekly Live Webinars

Want a more in-depth look at our software? Our weekly hourlong webinars go beneath the surface to give you full immersion into techniques and best practices for Land F/X, AutoCAD, and SketchUp. Your license gets you into the live webinar. Can’t make it? We post each of our webinars on our website, allowing you to view them whenever you have the time.

Never lose a detail again.

File details into a single master hierarchy, customized for your needs. Access every detail, from every project. Details can be copied, moved, referenced, edited, and printed easily, by every designer in your office.

We make detail creation a snap.

Our detail building tools make the drafting process fly by. What once took days now takes just minutes.

Automatic scaling.

Place a detail across multiple sheets, and keep the same scale without missing a beat. Once placed in a detail, blocks are scaled automatically while hatches, blocks, callouts, and text remain standardized. Stop punching numbers into a calculator to scale your details – we’ll do the work for you.

Get your details into your drawings – fast.

We make it unbelievably easy to access all your standard details and use them in your landscape plans. Just open a dialog box in AutoCAD, select your details, and place them into your sheets.

Detail callouts, simplified.

Let’s face it: Detail annotation in AutoCAD is kind of a hassle. First, you place a callout manually. Then you place the leader. Then you flip through your pages to figure out exactly what you’re calling out, find the reference number, type it in, and hope you got it right. One down, 50 (or more) to go. Then there’s the inevitable rescaling, revising, and renumbering.

What if you could do it all in a few clicks – plus keep all your callouts accurate when you have to edit or move a detail? We make it so.

Edit, reorganize, rearrange.

Details need to be edited and updated – it’s just a fact of life for any CAD designer. We make it painless.

Instantly apply your standards to all your details or drawing files.

You’ve taken the time to develop a consistent set of standards – now you need to get those standards into your files. Or you just need to make the same change to multiple files. Our BatchMan tool makes it all happen with a click.

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Our software tailors AutoCAD to the needs of landscape architects, irrigation designers, and other professionals. We automate your most tedious tasks and ensure accuracy, giving you more time to design.

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