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Welcome to our Administration documentation section. Here, you'll find links to documentation pages covering the administrative features of our software, from working with Land F/X projects to cleaning your drawings, preparing your drawings and sheets, and customizing the software to suit your preferences.


Our software is a powerful administrative tool. This page outlines all the administrative functions that our software can help you streamline. 


Customization & Preferences

Whether you need to enforce or build on your existing office standards – or even create an entire set of standards and preferences from scratch – our software is fully customizable.  





Project Setup & Backing Up Your Data

A Land F/X project contains your plant palette and your inventory of site amenities, irrigation equipment, and other important data that you'll use in your site design. Each time you start a new design job, you'll create a new project for that job. To spec plants, materials, amenities, and equipment for the drawing where you create your design, you'll add these items to your project.




Drawing & Sheet Setup Tools

If you're like most landscape and irrigation designers, you need to account for several different drawings within a single site design, such as survey, civil, planting, hardscape, and irrigation plans. From attaching external references (Xrefs) to setting up your various layout sheets, you have your work cut out for you when it comes to integrating all these different items. We're here to help!  



Want a basic step-by-step guide to setting up your drawings and sheets? Check out our drawing and sheet setup outline.



Updates, Licensing & Support

Take advantage of our latest and greatest features, control your pool of licenses, and get help from our world-class tech support team when you need it. 





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Our software tailors AutoCAD to the needs of landscape architects, irrigation designers, and other professionals. We automate your most tedious tasks and ensure accuracy, giving you more time to design.