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CAD Education

Welcome to our AutoCAD Education page. AutoCAD may seem complex and challenging at first, but it's an essential design tool. For example, the ability to simply draw a line and know the length of that line automatically is an incalculable time saver. So is the ability to insert a block – a ready-made collection of linework representing an object such as a wall, a tree, or even a person – into a drawing. Once you've mastered AutoCAD, you'll find it an essential tool in the design process. We're here to help. From mastering the art of working with layers to learning how to plot, or print, a perfectly scaled design, we'll help guide you through the ins and outs of using AutoCAD for your planting, irrigation, and site designs.


This page outlines a few of the essential techniques and steps you'll need to learn when beginning your AutoCAD education. 


AutoCAD Fundamentals

New to CAD, or need a refresher? 

View our AutoCAD Fundamentals documentation section >






Preventing Drawing Corruption

The majority of the technical support issues fielded by our technical support team are a direct result of drawing corruption. Keep your files in proper working order by cleaning your drawings and all Xrefs – especially those you've received from others.

View our Preventing Drawing Corruption documentation page >





Drawing & Sheet Setup

From CAD newbies to seasoned veterans, every CAD user should get familiar with the correct method of setting up a drawing and layout sheets for plotting. We've broken the process down into a few integral steps on our Drawing & Sheet Setup outline.

View our Drawing & Sheet Setup instructions >




Configuration Settings: Our Recommendations

In this section, we provide best practices that will help you get the most of AutoCAD and our plugins.

View our AutoCAD Configuration Settings documentation section >






Layers are the essential elements of your CAD designs. Our CAD plugin includes several tools that help make AutoCAD layers work for you.   

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Getting your design on paper or into a PDF is a process that's as potentially complex as it is important. We'll show you how to simplify the plotting experience and achieve the best possible results.   

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  • Plotting 101: Your guide to some essentials in the plotting process
  • We highly recommend using a color-based (CTB) plotting style. we even provide a default CTB file for your use. Learn about CTB plotting styles.
  • Read up on our recommended best practices for exporting or saving to a PDF, including our recommended third-party PDF printers.
  • Avoid the hassle of sifting through a vast number of possible paper sizes for your plotter. Learn how to filter your paper sizes to only include those you actually use. 



Customization & Office Standards

AutoCAD has a staggering number of customization settings. Take a tour.  

View our Customizing AutoCAD or F/X CAD documentation section >






  • Land F/X

Our professional landscape and irrigation design plugin for AutoCAD makes specification and calculation simple, giving you the time to design.