The Sheet Index
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The Sheet Index

Using our Sheet index, you can easily organize, edit, and add to the sheets associated with each Layout tab in your drawing – including your detail sheets.

Remember to keep each of your sheets in its own drawing. Why? Standard CAD practices include using the WBLOCK command to clean each drawing you receive from others. This command is included in our Nuke tool, which cleans drawings with one click. For the cleanup process to work correctly, each of your sheets needs to be in a different drawing.

You only need to use the Sheet Index while placing details. When you do so, the system will prompt you to select the sheet number associated with the current Layout tab. You can use the Sheet Index to set the sheet ahead of time, or to make changes such as reassigning sheets. If you use AutoCAD SheetSets, the Sheet Index will automatically read that information and populate the sheet list for you.

Sheet Index Overview

To work with the data associated with a sheet, open the Project Manager for your project while that sheet's Layout tab is open.



Open the Project Manager:


F/X Admin ribbon, Project Manager button

F/X Admin ribbon, Project Manager button



F/X Details ribbon, Sheet Index flyout

F/X Details ribbon, Sheet Index flyout



Admin Data toolbar

Admin Data toolbar






F/X Admin toolbar

F/X Admin toolbar




F/X Admin menu

F/X Admin pull-down menu

Once you've set the current project, the Project Manager option on this menu will change to the name of the project, as pictured to the right.

Current project listed in Project Manager



or type ProjectManager in the Command line




The Project Manager includes the Sheet Index for your project.




The Sheet Index will list the sheet numbers and title for any Layout tabs (Paper Space) in your project to which you have assigned sheets. Here, you can make several edits to the current project's sheets.

Sheet Index in Project Manager

The Project Manager is your mission control center for your Land F/X projects, providing several useful capabilities in addition to the Sheet Index. For more information, see our Project Manager documentation.

Opening a Sheet

Opening a sheet in the Sheet Index

To open the drawing (DWG file) associated with a sheet, highlight that sheet in the Sheet Index and click Open.

Creating a New Sheet

To create a new sheet, click New.

Creating a new sheet




Sheet Information dialog box

The Sheet Information dialog box will open. All fields will be blank.




Give the new sheet a Sheet number and Sheet title in the appropriate fields.



In our example, we'll give our sheet the number L-204 and the name Example.

Naming and numbering a sheet

Renaming Layout Tabs


Rename layout option

When creating a sheet, you can also choose to rename the Paper Space layout tab you'll assign to the new sheet. Check the Rename layout box when creating your sheet.




After you assign a layout tab to that sheet, the tab will be renamed with that sheet's sheet number.

Sheet tab renamed with sheet number



New sheet listed in Sheet Index

Once you've given the new sheet a number and title, click OK.



The new sheet will now appear in the Sheet Index.



Note that the new sheet will not yet have a drawing assigned to it.

At this point, you'll need to assign a DWG file (drawing) to the new sheet. This will tell the system that the sheet contains the linework from that drawing. For detailed instructions, see the Editing a Sheet and Changing a Sheet's DWG sections below.

Editing a Sheet

If you want to change a sheet's information, highlight the sheet and click Edit.

Editing a sheet




The Sheet Information dialog box will open.


Editing a sheet, overview

1. Sheet number: Change this to a number of your choice. The system will not let you change this to a sheet number that is already taken in the project.


2.Sheet title: Edit or change as desired.


3. Rename layout: Check this box to rename the Paper Space layout tab associated with this sheet. If you've already assigned a layout tab to the sheet, it will be renamed immediately based on the sheet number. You can also assign a tab to the sheet later. If you've checked this box, the sheet will be renamed when you assign it.



4. DWG: This field shows the location on your computer or server where the drawing associated with the selected sheet is stored. See Changing a Sheet's DWG below




Changing a Sheet's DWG

The field to the right of the DWG button in the Sheet Information dialog box shows the path to the file containing the drawing that is associated with the selected sheet.



To associate the sheet with a new drawing file (DWG), click DWG.

Associating a sheet with a new DWG




Browsing to a DWG to associate with a sheet

You'll now see the dialog box pictured to the left. Here, you can browse to a DWG to associate with this sheet.



Select the file, then click Open.




The DWG you selected will now be associated with the selected sheet, and the file path to that DWG will now appear in the field to the right of the DWG button in the Sheet Information dialog box.



Renumbering a Sheet

When you place details into a Layout tab, you'll be required to give that Layout tab a sheet number. You may want to change this sheet number.

You DO NOT HAVE TO create a sheet number for every sheet Layout tab in your project. You DO HAVE TO create and assign a sheet number for a Layout tab when you place a detail into that Layout tab. This is because the system needs to know the specific sheet number of your drawing that is assigned to this Layout tab.


It could be that the only sheets listed in your Sheet Index are those that have details placed in them. However, you may elect to create sheets and assign them to various Layout tabs to help you organize your project. If you did so, two other buttons in the Project Manager Sheet Index may be of importance: Open to open the CAD drawing of a highlighted sheet in the Sheet Index, and Legend to quickly place a Sheet Legend (schedule) of all your sheets into a CAD drawing.

Reordering Your Sheets

We've added the capability to reorder your sheets in the Details Preferences. Information and instructions

Deleting a Sheet

To delete a sheet from your project, highlight that sheet and click the Delete button in the Project Manager.

Deleting a sheet




Yes and No options for deleting a sheet

You'll be asked whether you wish to delete the sheet from your project.


Click Yes to delete the sheet from your project.


Click No to retain the sheet in your project and return to the Project Manager.




Deleting a Sheet That Includes Details


If you delete a sheet where you've already placed details, those details will be marked as unplaced.


That means they'll move automatically from the Placed Details list in the Detail Manager back up to the list of unplaced details.

Details from a deleted sheet marked as unplaced

Assigning a Sheet to a Layout Tab

To assign a sheet to a layout tab, highlight that sheet in the Sheet Index, then click the Assign button.



You can then select a layout tab for the sheet in the Select Layout dialog box.



In this example, we'll assign the sheet L101 – Detail Site Plan to a layout tab by highlighting it in the Sheet Index and clicking Assign.

Assigning a sheet to a layout tab, example




The Select Layout dialog box for the selected sheet will open.



We can then assign a layout tab (example: Layout1) to our sheet by highlighting the layout tab in the list and then clicking OK.




You'll receive a message that the sheet is now associated with the layout tab you selected.

Sheet now associated with layout tab message




Rename layout option checked, example

If you checked the Rename layout box when creating the sheet you're currently assigning to a layout tab, that layout tab will be renamed automatically to that sheet's sheet number.

Layout tab renamed to sheet number





You can also rename a layout tab to a sheet's number after assigning it. Just edit the sheet and make sure the Rename layout box is checked.


Sheet is already associated with another tab message

When assigning a sheet to a layout tab, you might see a message that the sheet you selected is already associated with another tab. If you'd like to assign the sheet to another tab, you'll first need to assign another sheet to that layout tab. The first sheet – the one that was already assigned – will now be freed up, allowing you to reassign it to the same ayout tab.

Generating a Sheet Schedule (Legend)

Legend button

You can create a legend, or schedule, of all sheets associated with a project, and then place that legend in the drawing.



To do so, click the Legend button in the Sheet Index.




You'll now see a dialog box where you can select a Destination for the schedule (legend).



Select one of three options to select a destination for the schedule:

  • Drawing: Place the schedule directly into your drawing.
  • Table: Place the schedule into your drawing as a table.
  • Spreadsheet: Export the schedule to a spreadsheet program, such as MS Word.


Click OK.

Legend/schedule options




If you chose to place the schedule in your drawing, the AutoCAD Command line will prompt:

Upper left corner.



Click to place the schedule. Here's an example:

Sheet legend/schedule example

The Sheet Index Legend sorts your sheets automatically. To reorganize it in a different way, select the Spreadsheet option when creating a legend. You can then reorder the legend in the spreadsheet. We have a pending wishlist item to allow custom ordering of the sheets.

Importing Standard Sheets into a Land F/X Project

If you find yourself using the same sheets from job to job, we recommend using our Template tool to import your standard sheets into wach new project you start.



First, open a project that includes your standard sheets, or create a new project and add your standard sheets using the Sheet Index. You don't need to associate the sheets with any particulat DWG file.



Once you've added all your sheets, save that project as a template.



Creating a project based on a template

Then create a project based on the template you've just saved.




Make sure the Sheets option is checked when you create the project.




Then create a project based on the template you've just saved.



We generally don't recommend creating a project based on a template, but this is the only current method of importing sheets into a project.



The sheets will be imported into the project you created based on the template.



Highlight a sheet and click Edit to add any necessary information to that sheet.

Edit button for editing a sheet




Associating sheets with DWG files

Even if the sheets are associated with DWG files in the original project or template, they will not be associated with DWG files in the new project. You can associate each of the sheets with the DWG of your choice.

The Sheet Index and the AutoCAD Sheet Set Manager

The Sheet Index does not carry out any advanced linking with the AutoCAD Sheet Set Manager. Instead, it looks to see whether the current layout has sheetset info, and it then tries to determine the sheet number. The Sheet Index does not look for a title or process changes. Therefore, you should be able to pull up the Sheet Index and see the correct sheet number highlighted. You can then edit it and enter a title if you wish.

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