The Align Command
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The Align Command

The Align command provides a quick way to match the linework in your main drawing to the same location, rotation, and scale as linework and other objects in your Xrefs.

Using the Align Command

1. Select all linework in the drawing that you wish to align with the image you brought in as an Xref.


2. Type Align in the Command line, then press Enter.


3. You'll be prompted to Select first source point. Select a point in your drawing that you know also exists in the Xref.


4. You'll be prompted to Select first destination point. Select the same point in the Xref that you selected as your source point in your main drawing.


5. Continue to select source and destination points in the same way. For best results, select points with ample space between them. Press Enter when finished.


6. Type Y for Yes to confirm in the Command line that you would like the drawing to scale once the ALIGN command is executed. Press Enter. The linework should now be aligned and scaled accurately.


7. To make minor changes, Select All objects in the drawing, then scale based on a reference point that you know. Follow our instructions to scale your base file.

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