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All ByLayer

The ByLayer setting is a must in AutoCAD because it makes files much easier to work with. We highly recommend working in ByLayer at all times.

A file that has anything not set to ByLayer is virtually impossible to work with. For example, should you need to modify a linetype assignment in a drawing, you would need to be able to do so in the Layers palette.


You have a few options for setting an entire drawing to ByLayer:


Use the Nuke Tool

Our Nuke tool provides a quick and handy way to clean a drawing. One of the several automated actions the Nuke tool runs on a drawing is setting the file to AllByLayer. For information and instructions, see our Nuke tool documentation.

Do not Nuke your own drawings. The Nuke tool is designed to clean files you've received from others. It will clean files you plan to Xref into your own drawing by deleting layout tabs and setting everything to ByLayer, among other actions. As a result, it will delete several critical items in your own working drawing but makes Xrefs more usable.

AllByLayer Tool

We also offer an All ByLayer tool that will set your drawing to ByLayer:



F/X Admin ribbon, All Bylayer flyout


F/X Admin menu, All Bylayer option





(F/X CAD 2018 and newer): ACAD Manage ribbon, All Bylayer button

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