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Check for Updates

We're constantly finding ways to make your design experience better. With this goal in mind, we perform periodic improvements of our software – many of which stem from suggestions provided by users like you. Check for updates periodically to ensure you are using the latest version of our software – and taking advantage of the latest features. You can also set your Preferences to check for updates automatically on a customized schedule.

Important: To complete the updating process, restart CAD after running an update.

Checking for Updates Manually

Our Update tool connects to our website and queries for any updates to the software. To check for updates:



F/X Admin ribbon, Update flyout


Any of the F/X ribbons (example, F/X Admin), Update flyout



F/X Admin toolbar


F/X Admin toolbar

F/X Admin menu


F/X Admin pull-down menu



or type *FX_Update in the Command line




If you're not running the current version, selecting this option will open the Update Land F/X dialog box.




Update Land F/X dialog box overview

1. This area shows the Current Version and the Latest Version, which you are about to install with the update.


2. View Updates: Click this button to open a list of the new features that will apply under the update you are about to install.


3. Backup All Projects: It's a good idea to back up all your projects by checking this box before you install the update.


4. Install: Click this button to complete the update.


5. Options: Click this button to check for updates automatically (see below).

  • The updates will only affect default Land F/X data and blocks – with a few exceptions. For example, if we add a plant to our database with the same name as a plant you've added the update will install the plant of the same name.
  • Updated blocks will need to be converted into your office color system before you can use them. In any of these special circumstances, you'll see an information screen.
Once you have run the update, remember to restart CAD to complete the updating process.

Checking for Updates Automatically

If you want, you can set your Preferences to check for updates automatically on a regular basis. Here's how:




Options button

Click the Options button in the Update Land F/X dialog box, or ...

Update Options in General Preferences screen

Open the General Preferences, then click Update Options.




The Update Options dialog box will open.



Update Options dialog box

1. Automatically check for updates: Check this box if you want the system to check for updates automatically. If not, uncheck the box and click the Cancel button.


2. Frequency: Use this pull-down menu to tell our software how often to check for updates. You can choose Every Day, Every Week, or Every Month.


3. Select User: Use this pull-down menu to apply the automatic update check to a specific user on your computer – or to Any User on your computer.




Click OK to save your update settings. Our software will now automatically check for updates at the frequency you set in the dialog box.

After running an update, you might see the following message:

Your Land F/X menu is out of date. Would you like to view instructions on how to update it?




Clicking Yes will bring you to a documentation page on our website with instructions for downloading the latest Land F/X ribbons and menus. Follow those instructions to make sure your Land F/X menu is up to date.

Revert to a Previous Version of Land F/X

If you experience an issue that seems to be the direct result of an update, you can revert to a previous version in the interim until we repair the issue.

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Issue: An AutoCAD setting is causing your menus to load from an incorrect location. Would you like to reload your menus from the correct location?


Issue: Error: 'LOAD failed: "LandFX.vlx" after updating


Issue: You tried to update, but the update didn't complete, froze, or cancelled itself

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