Remove Xdata
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Remove Xdata

Our Remove Xdata tool provides a quick way to disassociate smart data from a block, hatch, or linework.

This capability can help with some troubleshooting steps where your Land F/X data (Xdata) has become corrupted. This process cannot be reversed, so take care to remove the data before doing so.

Remove Xdata is only a troubleshooting tool and is not necessary for sharing a drawing with non-Land F/X users.

See Remove Xdata in action! Check out our Design F/X Overview webinar. The Remove Xdata demonstration starts at 48:08 in the video.

Remove Xdata Overview

Open the Remove Xdata tool:


F/X Admin ribbon, Remove Xdata flyout


F/X Admin ribbon, Remove Xdata flyout

F/X Admin menu


F/X Admin menu, Remove XDATA option




Or type REMOVEXDAT in the Command line




Select the smart object you want to disassociate with its Land F/X data. The data will be removed.

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