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PolySimplify: Minimize the Number of Vertices in a Polyline

Need to simplify a complex polyline? Use our PolySimplify tool to instantly reduce the number of vertices and make the polyline much more manageable.

PolySimplify Overview

To use PolySimplify on a polyline, type type POLYSIMPLIFY in the Command line and press Enter.




Select the polyline you want to simplify.


In this example, we'll use PolySimplify to reduce the number of vertices in the complex polyline pictured to the right.




After we've selected the polyline, the number of vertices has decreased considerably.


You can continue running PolySimplify to further simplify the polyline.




Here's what the polyline looks like after another round of PolySimplify.

This tool is still under development. We have plans to improve by fine-tuning the level of simplification.

Last modified on Friday, 22 May 2020 10:01

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