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Export CSV

With our Export CSV tool, you can quickly compile trees, site amenities, irrigation heads, Northing-Easting Points, or other blocks placed at specific locations in your plan into a comma separated values (CSV) file.


A CSV file can include exact placement points for a particular type of object. Export CSV records object types and placements for use with other platforms such as GIS software and field survey tools.

This process can be helpful to export design or layout information to ArchGIS or similar programs that can import CSV files.

Need to import a CSV file and assign specified blocks to given data points in a CAD drawing? Use our Import CSV tool.

Export CSV Overview

First, on a computer with Land F/X installed, open the DWG file with the data you want to export to CSV. Run a Save As to a temporary file.




Now open Export CSV:


F/X Admin ribbon, Export CSV button

F/X Admin ribbon, Export CSV button




Type FX_ExportCSV in the Command line

F/X Admin menu


F/X Admin menu, Export CSV option

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