Land F/X Trainer
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Land F/X Trainer

Welcome to the Land F/X Trainer!


To open the Trainer in CAD, type LANDFX in the Command line and press Enter.


The Trainer consists of a series of short instructional videos. Each video presents an integral step in learning how to use the software, starting with the basics like working with Land F/X projects and setting your drawing scale, and progressing to more involved tasks required for working with CAD details or completing a planting or irrigation design using our software.


After watching each video, you'll be prompted with a task to complete within CAD pertaining to what you learned in that video. After completing each task, just come back to the trainer and click Verify to ensure you completed the task correctly.


Land F/X Trainer prompt and Verify button




After verifying each step, you'll be able to move on to the next one. This way, you can take your time and really learn our Planting, Irrigation, and Details systems at your own pace.

Want to watch the videos outside of CAD? View them here.


Note that you'll only see the prompt to complete the task and the Verify button when using this trainer inside CAD.

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