Creating Text Styles
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Creating Text Styles

You can add Windows TrueType fonts, or AutoCAD-compatible .shx fonts to the font database included in our software. To add a font to the database, locate your desired font file using your browser of choice.


To install a TrueType font, you will first need to install the font into Windows. These fonts are usually located in the WINDOWS\Fonts folder, but you will need to copy the font to a different location. From the Fonts Control Panel, you can hold down the CTRL key while dragging the font into a folder on the Windows Desktop, for example.


The .shx fonts may be supplied by AutoCAD. Click Tools > Options > Files > Support Files Search Path for the location of AutoCAD fonts. Alternately, you can supply these fonts yourself in the folder of your choice.

How to Create a Text Style

Once you've verified that the font is installed correctly on your computer, you can add it to the system. To begin creating this new font style, open the Text Manager:


F/X Site ribbon, Text button


F/X Site ribbon, Text button



Graphics toolbar


Graphics toolbar, Fonts button

F/X Site menu


F/X Site menu, Fonts button




or type *FX_Fonts in the Command line




The Text Manager dialog box will open. Here, you can create your own standard Text Styles, as well as edit the existing Text Styles that are saved in the Land F/X database.








Click New to begin creating your Text Style.

Clicking New in Text Manager




New Text Style dialog box





In the New Text Style dialog box, enter a name for your new Text Style and click OK.




Click OK. The New Text Style dialog box will close, and the Text Styles menu will now include your new Text Style.



1. Text Styles: The new Text Style name you typed is now included, and highlighted, in this list of available styles.


2. Font: Assign a font to your new Text Style using this menu.


3. Point Size: Type a size (in points) for the new text style. Assume about 0.01 inch, or 0.25 mm, per point. Our Text Styles are scaled automatically so that the text will appear the same size when printing if you place it in Model Space or Paper Space, or go back and forth between the two.


4. Width: Enter a width of your new Text Style relative to its height. In our example, our relative width is set for 1, meaning that the width is set to match the height proportionately.

Configuring a new Text Style


5. Italic: Check this box if you want the new Text Style to be in italics.


6. Layer: If you want, type the name of the layer where you want to place your Text Style.


7. This box provides a preview of the new Text Style showing the settings you have specified.

For more information on our default Text Styles, see our Text Styles documentation.

Placing Text in Your Drawing

To place text in your drawing, follow our instructions for Placing Text.

Land F/X Software, CAD, and Font Files

To access a given font for any program on your computer, including CAD, you'll need to have it installed as a font file.



In Windows, fonts are stored in the folder C/:Windows/Fonts.

Fonts folder in Windows



If the font you want isn't available to select within CAD, check this folder. If you don't see a file with that font's name, you'll need to download the font and install it in this folder.



If you're unable to save a font style into the folder C:/Windows/Fonts, check the folder LandFX/Fonts to make sure the style is saved there.



If so, you should be able to see that font in CAD.

LandFX/Fonts folder

Still having issues with fonts? You may be dealing with a corrupt font file.  

Reload (Update) All Text Styles

Our REAT (Reload All Text Styles) keyboard command updates all text in the current drawing to reflect your Text Style settings in the active Preference Set. Learn more about the REAT command.


We've also added a Text Styles option in our BatchMan batch file processing tool that updates all Text Styles in multiple drawing files to match your default Preference Set.

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