Reload (Update) All Text Styles – the REAT Command

Our REAT (Reload All Text Styles) tool provides a quick and easy way to ensure that the Land F/X Text Styles in your current AutoCAD drawing match your settings from the active Preference Set.




REAT Overview

Our system of default Text Styles gives you full control of all text you use in your drawing – everything from plant labels, schedules, and irrigation callouts to the text for your zoning and dimensioning.


You may find yourself wanting to apply your most recent Text Style settings, or an older range of settings, to one of your drawings. The REAT command makes it easy to do so.


First, open the drawing whose text you want to update.


Make sure you have the correct Preference Set selected (that is, the one that includes the text settings you want to apply to the current drawing).

Need help setting your Text Styles? See our Customize the Default Text Styles page.


Open the REAT tool:


F/X Admin ribbon, Reload All Text Styles button






or type REAT in the Command line




All text in the current drawing that uses our default Text Styles will be updated to match the settings in the current Preference Set.


For example, let's say the title of the Plant Schedule in your current drawing is in the font Architect Text, as pictured below.



However, in this scenario, you know for a fact that you've since changed the Schedule Title Text Style to the font Roman Simplex in the current Preference Set.


In this case, just type REAT and press Enter, making sure, of course, that you have the correct Preference Set selected.


The schedule title will change to the Roman Simplex font, as dictated by the current Preference Set.


Updating Text Styles in Multiple Drawing Files

Need to update the Text Styles in several drawings? Or several folders of drawings? We've also added a Text Styles option to our BatchMan batch file processing tool that does just that.



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