Secret Keyboard Commands
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Secret Keyboard Commands

While most of our tools are now available on our ribbons, we've kept some of them as keyboard-only commands. These "secret tools" carry out a variety of helpful automated processes – from repairing problematic callouts to configuring all the layers in your drawing.


The Commands

Several of these "secret" keyboard commands are available as ribbon buttons in F/X CAD, our Autodesk authorized CAD engine for Land F/X users.



Run the legacy version of the Site Development (Concept Graphics) schedule. We updated this feature to the current vertical format back in 2018 for various improvement reasons, including the ability to allow photos in the schedule. Use this command if you need to match the old format while editing an old drawing.



Use our old Spot Elevation tool for cases where you need to match the old style. Going forward, however, we highly recommend using our newer Spot Elevation tool from the ribbon.



Opens the Welcome screen with our latest training links.



Turn on and off the ability to place Land F/X scaled objects as annotative objects instead. This tool is typically used to turn it OFF. See our documentation on annotative scaling.



Toggles between Classic Mode (LANDFXCLASSIC) and the Land F/X and ACAD ribbons (LANDFXRIBBON).



This command resets the locations of all Land F/X dialog boxes. It can come in handy if you work in different monitors, if you are unable to locate a dialog box, or if one of our tools seems to freeze – for example, if you try to size the mainline in an irrigation design and your drawing seems to freeze. All open Land F/X dialog boxes will be located and returned to the front of your view on the monitor where you're using AutoCAD. 



Instantly simplify a complex polyline by reducing how many vertices it includes. More information

Formerly Secret Commands Now Available Within Land F/X Ribbons

Below are some commands that used to be "secret" but that we've since built into the Land F/X ribbons:


CONVERTALLTEXT (F/X Details ribbon)

Converts all text in the drawing to multi-line text (MText).


DELETEFONT (F/X Site ribbon)

If you are no longer using one of your ;Text Styles, use this command to delete it from the list.


DELETEHATCH (F/X Site ribbon)

Deletes a hatch that was placed incorrectly or is no longer needed.


DELREGAPPS (F/X Admin ribbon)

Deletes all Registered Applications (RegApps) from your drawing – an important component of the drawing cleanup process.


FX_DETAILVIEWPORT (F/X Details ribbon)

Create a drawing-specific project detail that uses a viewport to see a detailed area in Model Space. This tool is great for enlargements of your plan, or elevations you'd like to keep within the working drawing.

More information on Detail Viewport


FX_RECALCZONES (F/X Irrigation ribbon)

Fires the Recalculate Zones command without the need to open the Circuiting tool. Allows for quicker recalculation to circuit zones when making modifications.

More information on FX_RECALCZONES


FXPLODE (F/X Admin ribbon)

Convert a Concept Line back to a polyline to edit its layout before turning back into a Concept Line.

More information on FXPLODE


GOBYLAYER (F/X Admin ribbon)

Converts all objects to the Color ByLayer setting – including blocks, or blocks within blocks). Color ByLayer is our recommended layer setting for CAD drawings.


IMPORTCSV (F/X Admin ribbon)

If you have a CSV file of coordinates, this command will place a block such as a tree or Northing-Easting Point at each location.


Set Mask Size FX_MASKSIZE (F/X Admin ribbon)

Set all multileader (MLeader) background mask offset factors. More information


FX_LAYERCOLOR (F/X Admin ribbon)

Select an object and change the color of its assigned layer in the Layer Properties Manager of the active drawing. Works on linework inside blocks and Xrefs.

More information on FX_LAYERCOLOR


NEWFLOWZONE (F/X Irrigation ribbon)

Fires the New Flow Zones command. Allows you to assign a shortcut key to use the tool rather than having to size the mainline to access the tool.


POLYDIVIDE (F/X Admin ribbon)

Divide a closed polyline into separate closed sections.

More information about POLYDIVIDE


PRG (Instant Purge) (F/X Admin ribbon)

Automates the three-step native AutoCAD PURGE command, which purges objects from your drawing.


REDEFINEBLOCK (F/X Admin ribbon)

Use this command to repair callout blocks that are behaving strangely. Note: This command will only work on files within the folder LandFX/Blocks/Graphics/Callouts.


REMOVEXDAT (F/X Admin ribbon)

Removes data associated with a "smart" object, turning it into a generic object (for example, turns a groundcover or Reference Note hatch into a generic hatch with no data).

More information about REMOVEXDAT


REAL (Reload All Linetypes) (F/X Admin ribbon)

This command reloads all linetypes to correct scaling issues.


REAT (F/X Site ribbon)

Update all Land F/X Text Styles in the current drawing to match the active Preference Set.


Spot Elevation Z Align (FX_SPOTELEVATIONZALIGN) (F/X Site ribbon)

Assign a Z Elevation to a Spot Elevation callout to coordinate with Civil 3D, a surveyor, or with a 3D modeling program such as SketchUp, Rhino, or Revit. More information


SuperLayFreeze (FX_LAYFRZ) (F/X Admin ribbon)

Allows you to freeze object layers in Xrefs as well as in the drawing. This command replaces the native AutoCAD LAYFRZ command, which has issues toggling between objects in the main drawing and objects in Xrefs. More information


SuperLayIso (FX_LAYISOLATE) (F/X Admin ribbon)

This command replaces the native AutoCAD LAYISO command, which is effective for isolating layers but has issues isolating Land F/X blocks. FX_LAYISOLATE allows you to isolate Land F/X blocks. More information



TEXT2ATTRIB (Text to Attribute) (F/X Site ribbon)

Converts text within a callout block to an attribute – a piece of dynamic text that allows "smart" blocks, such as plant labels and irrigation callouts, to take on different values when inserted into a drawing.

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