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Land F/X ribbon tabs


How to load your menus


If upon installation of your software you do not see the ribbon tabs for Land F/X, follow these simple steps:


1. Type MENULOAD in the Command line and press Enter.


2. Click Browse.


3. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\landfx.bundle\contents\resources (most users*)

* Note that if you've installed Irrigation F/X, Planting F/X, and Design F/X installed from the Autodesk App Store, your product name will replace landfx.bundle in the folder path above. For example, if you have Irrigation F/X, that folder will be named irrigationfx.bundle instead of landfx.bundle.


4. Select the folder that corresonds with the year version of AutoCAD you are using.


5. Select landfx.cuix.


6. Click Load.

Are these steps not working right? Still don't see the Land F/X ribbons?

Follow our manual MENULOAD steps.



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