Your CAD Standards Folder
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Your CAD Standards Folder

We say it often, and we'll say it again: Backing up your files is of supreme importance. This oft-repeated Land F/X maxim is essential for your drawing files and Land F/X projects, but it also holds true for your AutoCAD user profiles and settings. 


To keep your valued settings safe, we recommend setting up a CAD Standards folder. Here, you can store your most valued CAD- and Land F/X-related settings.

Why Create a CAD Standards Folder?

If you've taken the time to set up your CAD interface, plotter files, custom blocks, and other custom settings, do yourself the favor of backing them up regularly. These items are all stored as files, and it only takes a few minutes to copy them and place them in a central location – your CAD Standards folder. You can then set up a system of backing up these files regularly – daily, weekly, monthly, or whatever schedule works best for your office.


Computers are convenient and powerful, but they're not perfect. If you create this folder and stay on top of your backups, you'll have a central and organized system to keep your settings secure. You'll also save valuable time in the future in the event of a system crash or reinstall. Rather than scrambling to re-create these settings, you'll be able to restore them with a few clicks of your mouse.

What to Back Up in Your CAD Standards Folder

Your CAD Standards folder should contain regularly backed-up copies of all files containing settings you've customized for use with CAD and Land F/X software. These files include:


 Land F/X Preference Sets


The file named acad.cuix, which stores your AutoCAD Customized User Interface (CUI). Here's how to find and save it.


Your AutoCAD profile


Your customized Land F/X block files, such as:

  • Detail blocks
  • Title block files
  • Custom plant symbols
  • Site blocks (Plan Graphics, Elevation Graphics, Discipline Graphics, etc.)
  • Callouts and labels


Your customized hatch patterns (.patt files)


Dimension styles (DimStyles)


Plotter settings, including CTB files and PC3 files


Custom fonts (such as the font you use for your office letterhead)


AutoCAD drawing templates (DWT files)

How and Where to Create Your CAD Standards Folder

Setting up your CAD Standards folder is as easy as making a new folder and calling it CAD Standards.


We recommend storing this folder in the Admin subfolder within your LandFX folder.


CAD Standards folder stored in LandFX/Admin folder

In installations prior to April 2015, this folder will be named Administration.


Once you have your CAD Standards folder set up, you can simply back up all the files listed above by copying them and pasting them into this folder. Back up these files regularly in your CAD Standards folder, and you'll always have an easy-to-access, central backup location.


You can also keep an additional backup copy on your server or in your Documents folder – just make sure to also back up the files in this folder regularly.

Backing Up Your CAD Standards and LandFX Folders

Now that you have your CAD Standards folder stored in the Admin subfolder within your LandFX folder, you can back up your CAD Standards along with all your Land F/X data with one fell swoop. Simply drag your LandFX folder onto a USB drive periodically (that is, daily, weekly, or monthly). 


Backing up the LandFX folder


You can then transfer your LandFX folder to your home computer or any other location you see fit. In this way, you'll have backups of all your custom Land F/X data along with your CAD standards.

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