The AutoCAD and Land F/X Ribbons
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The AutoCAD and Land F/X Ribbons

The AutoCAD and Land F/X ribbons provide a quick way to access tools in your CAD interface. 

What Are the Ribbons?

A ribbon is horizontal array of panels containing buttons that allow you to access tools in AutoCAD. We also offer ribbons for each of the modules of our software (F/X Admin, F/X Site, F/X Planting, F/X Irrigation, and F/X Details). Depending on which license you've installed (Design F/X, Planting F/X, or Irrigation F/X), you may see some or all of these ribbons.


The ribbons are available from the second row of tabs in the upper left corner of your CAD interface. (The top row of tabs is for the pull-down menus.) The image below shows the AutoCAD Manage ribbon. 



Ribbon tabs


The available ribbons are as follows:


CAD ribbons:

  • Home
  • Insert
  • Annotate
  • View
  • Manage (Pictured above)
  • Output
  • Express Tools

Land F/X ribbons:

  • F/X Admin
  • F/X Site
  • F/X Planting
  • F/X Irrigation
  • F/X Details



Each ribbon consists of several panels. The name of each panel appears at the bottom of the panel. For example, here's a screenshot showing the Customization panel of the Manage ribbon. (The other panels currently visible on this ribbon are CAD Standards and Styles.)


Manage ribbon, Customization tab


Each panel includes several buttons. Each button opens a tool such as the CAD Options


Manage ribbon, Options button

Accessing Ribbon Panels

You might find yourself looking for one of the panels on a ribbon, only to find that the panel isn't there. You or another user may have accidentally turned off a panel – and some AutoCAD ribbons have certain panels closed by default.


To open a panel on a ribbon, right-click within any empty area of the ribbon. Select Show Panels from the menu that opens.


Show Panels menu option



The menu that opens next will show all panels assigned to the currently selected ribbon, with check marks denoting the open panels. To open a panel, select it from the menu (example: the Navigate panel on the View ribbon).


Navigate menu option



The panel will now be active on the selected ribbon.


Navigate panel displayed

Flyout Menus

Several of the ribbons include flyout menus, which pop out of relevant buttons. The majority of our ribbons rely quite heavily on flyout menus, which allows us to include a greater variety of tools on each ribbon.


You'll see a small down-facing arrow at the bottom of each button that includes a flyout (example: the Lines button on the F/X Site ribbon, shown below).


Click this arrow to open the flyout menu.

Arrow to open flyout menu




Flyout menu example






Each flyout menu includes several options for tools that are related to the button from which the menu originated.


For example, the Lines flyout menu includes our Railing tool, as well as our selection of graphic line types.




Select a tool from the menu to access that tool. When you select a tool from one of the flyout menus, that tool will become the visible option on the button where the menu originated.


For example, if we select the Railing tool from the Lines flyout ... 

F/X Site ribbon, Lines button




F/X Site ribbon, Lines button with Railing icon displayed

... then the Random Pointy Line tool will become the visible tool on the relevant button.

Light vs. Dark Themes

Depending on your preference, you can configure your CAD interface to view the ribbons (along with other items, such as the Properties panel and Layer Properties Manager) in either a Light or Dark theme. As an example, the images below show our F/X Planting ribbon as viewed in the Light and Dark themes.


F/X Planting ribbon, Light theme

F/X Planting ribbon, Light theme



F/X Planting ribbon, Dark theme

F/X Planting ribbon, Dark theme



To change the theme in your AutoCAD interfact, type THEME in the command line and press Enter.



You'll be prompted to Enter new value for COLORTHEME. Then choose your theme:

  • Light theme: Type 1 and press Enter
  • Dark theme: Type 0 and press Enter

Options for Viewing the Ribbons

Want to use the ribbons but need to save space? You can easily cycle through four different viewing options by double-clicking on any of the ribbons.


Here's the default view of the F/X Planting ribbon:


F/X Planting ribbon, default view


If you double-click on the ribbon tab, you'll see a new view that consolidates the panels into single buttons. Each button has its own flyout containing the tools from that panel.


F/X Planting ribbon, panels as single buttons


Double-click again, and the panels will shrink even further but will still have the flyouts with all the tools.


F/X Planting ribbon, flyout panels

Double-click yet again, and the ribbons will disappear altogether. You can double-click this view to go back to the default view.


Ribbons not visible

Moving Ribbon Panels

You can also grab any ribbon panel and move it to the location of your choice. You can either move a panel down into your drawing space to be closer to the mouse, or just move the panels around within each of the ribbons. Just grab a panel in the area that shows its name (example: Planting Managers) and move it where you want it.


Moving ribbon panels

Create Your Own Custom Floating Ribbon Panel

You can consolidate your most commonly used AutoCAD or Land F/X tools by creating a custom floating ribbon panel. Find out how.






Turn the Ribbons On or Off

Don't see the ribbons? Type RIBBON in the Command line and press Enter. The ribbons will open.


To close the ribbons, type RIBBONCLOSE in the Command line and press Enter. The ribbons will close.

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