Dimension Style (DimStyle) Settings
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Dimension Style (DimStyle) Settings

Dimension styles (DimStyles) determine the appearance and contents of dimensions that you place in your drawings, such as line lengths and angle measurements. Although your DimStyle settings will depend entirely on your preferences and office standards, we'd like to highlight a few settings that Land F/X users commonly configure.




For information on creating and saving DimStyles, see our Dimension Styles (DimStyles) documentation.





DimStyles Overview

To begin creating your DimStyle, open the Dimension Style Manager:


Manage ribbon, Dimstyle button


Manage ribbon, Dimstyle button




Or type DimStyle in the Command line

Dimension menu


Dimension pull-down menu



The Dimension Style Manager will open (see images below).




Creating a New DimStyle


We highly recommend creating new DimStyles based on our default styles, which will prevent potential scaling issues.


Follow our steps to create a new DimStyle based on our default style.

Take care to follow the linked instructions closely – they include a few specific steps you'll need to take in order to create your DimStyle correctly.

Creating a new DimStyle




New Dimension Style dialog box

You'll configure your DimStyle settings in the New Dimension Style dialog box.





Modifying an Existing DimStyle


To modify an existing DimStyle, highlight that style in the DimStyle Manager and click Modify.



You can now configure your settings the selected DimStyle. Click OK to save your changes.

Modifying an existing DimStyle

Lines Tab

Modifying an existing DimStyle, Lines tab

Under the Lines tab, set the color, linetype, and lineweight of the Dimension Lines and Extension Lines that will make up your dimensions as dictated by your DimStyle (see below).


Dimension line and extension line

Symbols and Arrows Tab

Under the Symbols and Arrows tab, many Land F/X users set the Arrowheads as Architectural Ticks (pictured below).

Arrowheads and architectural ticks
Modifying an existing DimStyle, Symbols and Arrows tab

Text Tab

Under the Text tab, you can make several configurations to several text styles dictated by your DimStyle.




Modifying an existing DimStyle, Text tab

Use the Text Style menu to select a Text Style to edit.



Click the ... button (pictured to the left) to edit the selected Text Style.




In the Text Style dialog box, you can select the font of your choice for the selected text style (example: Sans Serif) as the font for the Dimension Text).



Click Apply to save your changes.

Text Style dialog box, selecting a font




Modifying an existing DimStyle, Text tab – Text Height and Text Color settings

Other settings commonly configured by Land F/X users under the Text tab include Text Color and Text Height.

Primary Units Tab

Under the Primary Units tab, you can configure settings such as unit format, precision, and rounding off.



Unit format: Select a unit format such as Architectural, Decimal, Engineering, etc.



Precision: Select the number of decimal places in your dimension text.



Round off: Select an increment to which dimensions (except for angular measurements) will round off. For example, if you select .5, dimensions will round off the the nearest half unit.

Modifying an existing DimStyle, Primary Units tab

Dimensioning in Architectural Inches in a Decimal Feet Plan

Some firms' standards call for placing dimensions in Architectural Inches (e.g., 6'-6") in a plan or detail where the units are set to Decimal Feet (e.g., 6.5'). Instructions

Set Your DimStyle as Current & Save It into the Land F/X System

Once you've saved all the changes to your DimStyle, don't forget to set it as current and save it into the Land F/X system. Once it's set as current and saved, it will apply to any dimensions you place in your drawing.


Follow our steps to set a DimStyle as current and then save a Dimstyle into the Land F/X system.

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