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F/X Details Overview

Welcome to our F/X Details Overview documentation section. A well-organized set of standard detail drawings can save your office an incalculable amount of time. Our unparalleled detail management system makes it easy to customize, design, save, edit, and organize your details. With our help, you'll never lose a detail again. The tools covered in this section are available in our F/X Details ribbon.

In this section, we'll refer to the software as "Land F/X," but note that you will have one of our three license types installed on your computer: Design F/X, Planting F/X, or Irrigation F/X. You may even have a combination of two or three of these license types installed throughout your office. The F/X Details ribbon and its tools are included with all three license types.


Our details system includes all the tools you need to maintain your detail hierarchy and keep your details updated to meet your standards. We've broken it all down on this page.



Set Your Office Standards for Details

Our software is fully customizable, and our details system is no exception. Dial in all your preferences for details, including your arrow style for callouts, detail template size, dimension styles (DimStyles), detail folder structure, and more.

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Bring Your Existing Details Into Our System

Our detail system organizes and manages your office's standard details for you. Simply save them into our detail system, and you're ready to begin working.

View our Saving & Editing Details documentation section >




Create, Draft, and Design Your Own Custom Details

Want to draw your own details? No problem! 

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Add Callouts & Annotation to Your Details

Our software includes a variety of text, annotation, and callout options for your your details.

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Get Your (and Our) Details Into Your Drawings

Once you've saved your details into our system, you can start placing them in your designs.

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Organize the Details in Our Detail Folder System

Your installation comes with a pre-set folder structure containing all the details we've created for your use. You can add to and organize this detail folder structure in any way you see fit.

View our Detail Folder System & Detail Organization documentation section >



  • The Detail Explorer is your connection between our software and all the details in the detail folder system. Organize and manage them from within a handy dialog box, and don't worry about opening and moving files.
  • Share details between Single-User installations using Local Data.


Back Up Your Details

Don't lose your valuable detail files! Keep them backed up and available.

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Reference Details in Your Drawings

Call out your details with our specially designed detail callouts. 

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  • Land F/X

Our software tailors AutoCAD to the needs of landscape architects, irrigation designers, and other professionals. We automate your most tedious tasks and ensure accuracy, giving you more time to design.