Detail Report
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Detail Report

Need an account of all details relating to the current project and the locations where they've been placed in the drawing? Create a detail report.






Detail Report Overview

To create a detail report:


F/X Details ribbon, Detail Manager button


F/X Details ribbon, Report button



Detail Manager, Report button


open the Detail Manager and click Report







or type FX_DetailReport in the Command line




You'll now see a Detail Report dialog box, which offers several options for placing your detail report.




Detail Report dialog box, overview

1. Destination: Place a detail report directly in your Drawing, in your drawing in Table format, or in a Spreadsheet.


2. Options to report:

  • Detail list: All your details
  • Unique numeric divisions: Only only details with unique numeric division numbers


3. Select any or all of the following options to include them as columns in your detail report:

  • Placed details
  • Unplaced details
  • Saved
  • Drawn By
  • Checked By
  • Notes
  • References


4. Use this menu to organize the details in your report by:

  • Sheet
  • Detail number
  • Title

What will be listed in the References Column?

If you place your detail callouts in Paper Space, the system will be able to log the sheets where you've placed them. Those sheets will be listed in the References column – a powerful additional cross-referential capability. For details assigned to items other than callouts, such as plants or Reference Notes, the code of the assigned item will appear in the References column. In short, this column is intended to work along with the Unplaced and Detail Number column options, giving you as many tools as possible to track down details that either haven't been used or haven't been assigned or called out.




Your detail report will be either placed in your drawing or exported to a spreadsheet, depending on which option you selected.


Here's an example of a detail report placed in a drawing:

Example detail report
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