Detail Dimensions
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Detail Dimensions

One important finishing touch in building a detail is the placement of dimension marks. With the Detail Dimension tools, you can assign several types of dimensions to your details.


See dimensioning in action! Check out our Design F/X Overview webinar. The demonstration of our dimensioning tools starts at 14:40 in the video.

Detail Dimensions and Dimension Styles (DimStyles)

Our dimensioning tools will only pull the dimension style (DimStyle) that is saved into the Land F/X system, or our default DimStyle if you haven't saved one in. If you have your own existing dimension standards, you’ll need to save that DimStyle into your Land F/X Preferences.


You can simply set your custom DimStyle to current and save it into the Preferences, but this practice can often result in issues with scaling. Instead, we recommend quickly re-creating your DimStyle starting with our default DimStyle. It’s easier than you think. See our DimStyles documentation for instructions.




Change the Arrowhead Style for Radius, Diameter, or Angular Dimensions

You may want to use different arrowhead styles for different types of dimensions. For example, you may want to use ticks for your Linear Dimensions but arrows for Radius Dimensions. For instructions, see our DimStyle arrowhead style documentation.

The Detail Dimension Tools

After you've placed a Detail Template around a detail (to establish scale), you can use the Detail Builder tools to place detail dimensioning at any time.



The Detail Dimension tools are available from:


F/X Details ribbon, Detail Dimensions flyouts


F/X Details ribbon






Detail Builder toolbar


Detail Builder toolbar

F/X Details menu


F/X Details menu




A series of Command line commands:

  • Detail_Dim_Aligned (Aligned Dimension)
  • Detail_Dim_Linear (Linear Dimension)
  • Detail_Dim_Angular (Angular Dimension)
  • Detail_Dim_Arc (Arc Dimension)
  • Detail_Dim_Radius (Radius Dimension)
  • Detail_Dim_Diameters (Diameter Dimension)
  • Detail_Dim_Center (Center Mark Dimension)
  • Detail_Dim_Continue (Continue Dimension)
  • Detail_Dim_Baseline (Baseline Dimension)







Each of the Detail Dimension tools has the same purpose and works in the same way as the corresponding Site Dimension tool from the F/X Site ribbon:

Make sure to use the Detail Dimension tools – not the Site Dimension tools – to dimension a detail. Dimensions placed using the Site Dimension tools will not scale correctly within details.




When you place a Detail Dimension, the detail Dimension Style (DimStyle) you've preset in the Details Preferences will be active.

Details Preferences, Save DimStyle setting

See our Dimension Styles (DimStyles) documentation for more information about DimStyles.

Dimensioning in Architectural Inches in a Decimal Feet Detail

Some firms' standards call for placing dimensions in Architectural Inches (e.g., 6'-6") in a detail where the units are set to Decimal Feet (e.g., 6.5'). Here's how.

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  • Working With Dimensions in Land F/X: We show you all the necessary steps for setting up Dimension Styles (DimStyles) and saving them into Land F/X. We also provide some general practice tips and go over some common troubleshooting items. (1 hr 5 min)
  • Details for Beginners: Take a full tour of our detail system, where you’ll learn how to navigate our detail library, find the details you need, and use them in your drawing set. (1 hr 1 min)


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