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Match Object for Details (Detail Match Object)

With our Detail Match Object tool for blocks and hatches (including callouts), you can quickly place copies of these items, including all attached data, wherever you need them in your drawing or detail.

Detail Match Object Overview

Open Detail Match Object:


F/X Details ribbon, Match Object flyout




Type FX_DetailMatchObject in the Command line


F/X Details menu, Detail Match Object option




The cursor will turn into a pickbox, and the Command line will prompt you to Select source object. Select the block or hatch you want to copy, then press Enter.



In this example, we'll use the pickbox to select one of the table blocks pictured to the right.




Once you've selected the object you want to copy, press Enter.




You can then click to place the copied block, callout, or hatch.

If you've copied a hatch, you can select an existing closed polyline as the hatch boundary, or draw a closed polyline. Either way, the hatch you selected will be applied to the closed polyline boundary.


In our example, we've clicked to place the copied table in the location shown to the left.



Continue clicking to continue placing additional copies of the block or hatch.

Detail Match Object also works on callouts and annotation blocks, allowing you to copy an existing callout or block. You can select the following items as source objects and place duplicates:


Note that if you're using Design F/X, you won't have direct access to many of these tools, but you'll still be able to use Detail Match Object to copy and place them if another user has already placed them in an existing drawing or detail.




Incompatibility With the Stipple Hatch Pattern

Our Stipple hatch pattern for groundcovers is incompatible with our Match Object tool because each stipple hatch is actually a series of several hatches at different scales. If you plan to use this tool on a hatch, use a pattern other than Stipple.


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