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Mirror for Details (Detail Mirror)

With our Mirror tool for details, you can copy several blocks and place them in an identical pattern mirrored across an imaginary center line in a detail or drawing.

Our Mirror tool for details works similarly to the native AutoCAD Mirror tool but with improved functionality of callouts.

Mirror for Details Overview

In this example, we'll place a mirrored copy of the pattern of tables pictured to the right.




Open the Mirror tool:


F/X Details ribbon, Detail Mirror flyout




Type FX_DetailMirror in the Command line


F/X Details menu, Detail Mirror option




The cursor will turn into a pickbox. Draw a window to select the objects you want to mirror. Press Enter when finished making your selection.





The Command line will prompt you to Select first point of mirror line.




Click to begin drawing the imaginary line that will become the center of your two mirrored patterns of blocks.




The Command line will prompt you to Specify second point of mirror line.



The mirror line will appear as a dashed line extending from the first point you selected. Click to set the second point.




The mirrored pattern of copied blocks will appear on the opposite side of the mirror line from the original pattern of blocks.


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