Update Detail Callouts
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Update Detail Callouts

You may have added a number of details to your project, placed them in a drawing, and referenced them with callouts or Reference Notes. Now you need to move some of the placed details to another location and then update the callouts that refer to them.

Our Update Detail Callouts tool now processes both Model Space and Paper Space entities at once for better performance.

Moving Details

To move a detail you've placed in a Paper Space Layout tab (a particular sheet), click it and delete it by typing E in the Command line and pressing Enter.



If you've placed a detail in your drawing, it will be listed under Placed Details in the Detail Manager.

Detail Manager, Placed Details list




Placed detail deleted from sheet is moved to the top of the Details list in the Detail Manager

Once you've deleted the placed detail from the sheet in your drawing, it will be moved to the top of the Details list in the Detail Manager, meaning it hasn't been placed.

If you now place this detail somewhere in a drawing – in the current Layout Tab as a different detail number, in another Layout tab in this drawing, or in another drawing – you'll need to update the detail references in the rest of the drawing. The references will indicate that the detail has been moved, and that it has new detail and sheet numbers.

Updating Detail Callouts

You can update the detail callouts for the most recent references to a detail in one of two ways:

  • If, when you moved the detail, you had a CAD drawing open that contains detail callouts, simply save and close the drawing, then re-open it. Or,
  • Select the Update Callouts tool to force an update of the callouts on the drawing that is currently open.


Open the Update Callouts tool:



F/X Details ribbon, Update button


F/X Details ribbon, Update button




Detail Callout toolbar


Detail Callout toolbar



F/X Details menu


F/X Details menu, Insert Callout Placeholder option




or type UpdateDetailCallouts in the Command line

Updating Reference Note Callouts

Reference Notes (RefNotes) DO NOT update automatically when you simply open a drawing. If you place a new Reference Notes Schedule after you've already placed one in the current drawing, you'll need to regenerate the schedule manually. The new schedule will reflect changes you've made to details in the RefNotes callouts.



First, place a Reference Notes Schedule.




If your drawing already includes a Reference Notes Schedule, you'll be asked whether you want to Re-generate the existing schedule.



Click Yes.

Re-generate the existing schedule? message




The new schedule will now include the most recent information, including detail references. As an aid to let you know when a particular schedule was created, all schedules created using our software will include a date/time stamp. This stamp will be on a non-plot layer.


New schedule with non-plot timestamp


Review this date/time stamp in the Reference Notes Schedule. If you decide to load the most recent version of that particular schedule, follow the steps above to re-generate the schedule.

The Sheet Index

The Project Manager for your project includes the Sheet Set Index, which lists all sheets associated with the project. Here, you can perform several actions on your detail sheets, including:

For more information, see our Sheet Index documentation page.



Renumbering a Sheet

When you place details into a Layout tab, you'll be required to give that Layout tab a sheet number. You may want to change this sheet number.



To give a sheet a new number, go to that Layout tab associated with that sheet. While the tab is still active, open the Project Manager to find the Sheet Index. For detailed instructions, see our Renumbering a Sheet documentation section.

You DO NOT HAVE TO create a sheet number for every sheet Layout tab in your project. You DO HAVE TO create and assign a sheet number for a Layout tab when you place a detail into that Layout tab. This is because the system needs to know the specific sheet number of your drawing that is assigned to this Layout tab.


It could be that the only sheets indicated in your Sheet Index are those that have details placed in them. However, you may elect to create sheets and assign them to various Layout tabs to help you organize your project. If you did so, two other buttons in the Project Manager Sheet Index may be of importance: Open to open the drawing of a highlighted sheet in the Sheet Index, and Legend to quickly place a Sheet Legend of all of your sheets into a drawing.

Replacing a Detail

If you need to remove a detail from a project and replace it with another detail, go to the Detail Manager, highlight the detail, and click Replace.

Detail Manager, Replace button


Use the Detail Explorer to find the detail you want to add to your project, then click OK. The selected detail will be replaced. If you've placed the original detail in the drawing, the new detail will replace it.

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