Irrigation Manager

Irrigation Manager

The Irrigation Manager organizes and displays irrigation equipment and components, allows for adding or importing irrigation data, and controls the water source data and pipe type and data.



For information on customizing your irrigation settings, visit our Irrigation Preferences documentation page.

Irrigation Manager

Open the Irrigation Manager:


F/X Irrigation ribbon, Irrigation button



F/X Irrigation menu, Irrigation Manager option

Irrigation toolbar




Irrigation Manager toolbar




or type ProjectIrrigation in the Command line




The Irrigation Manager will open.


1. Options for the four categories of equipment to add: Heads, Valves, Auxiliary Equipment, and Drip.


2. Pull-down menu to select the type of equipment for a category.


3. After adding equipment, check the Show Components box to list all options that have been added for any one type of equipment, such as all nozzles or sizes that were added that relate to that equipment.


4. Click these buttons to review the Source Data (information about your water source or point of connection), and the Pipe Data (information about the types of pipe that will be used for lateral and mainline pipe, as well as pipe sleeves).


5. Any equipment you add to your project will appear in a list in this pane. In this example, we have yet to add irrigation equipment to the project, and this pane is therefore blank.


6. Buttons to add New equipment to the project, Edit or Delete any highlighted equipment that has been added, and Import equipment from another project or template.


7. Replace a component in your drawing with a selected component.


8. Highlight each instance of the selected component in your drawing. If you have the Show Components option is checked, you can highlight only the selected size or nozzle.


9. Select a component, then click View Data to open a Web page and go to the manufacturer's literature on that equipment.


10. Select a component, then click Detail to set a detail to be associated with this component and automatically add that detail to your project's Detail Manager.


11. Place the selected equipment in your drawing.


12. Place an Irrigation Schedule.

Adding Equipment to Your Projects

For information on adding specific equipment types to your projects, see our documentation on adding:

Editing Equipment

Click Edit in the Irrigation Manager to edit data associated with a selected piece of equipment.




The Equipment Info dialog box will open.



Here, you can edit most of the data assigned to the selected equipment – except for the equipment Size.




Selecting an Equipment Size

Although you will be able to make a selection from the Size menu, the new size won't actually be applied to your equipment if you edit from the Irrigation Manager. (This is an unfortunate necessity of engineering this dialog box.) Instead, you have two options for selecting a new equipment size:



Selecting an Equipment Size, Option 1: Use the Specific Tool for the Selected Equipment

Depending on the type of equipment you are placing, use the appropriate tool for placing that equipment.



This can include:


When you select one of these tools, a dialog box will open listing the equipment of that type.



There, you can select a size for the equipment before placing it.




Selecting an Equipment Size, Option 2: Check the Box to "Show Components"

You can also select an equipment size from directly within the Irrigation Manager by checking the box to Show Components.



As shown above, the various sizes of each component in the selected category (Heads, Valves, Auxiliary Equipment, or Drip) will populate in the list. You can then select a size and click Place to place that size of the selected equipment.

We purposely engineered this feature to not include all sizes of each piece of added equipment by default – mainly because it makes the list of added equipment inordinately long.

Show Components

The Irrigation Manager includes a Show Components option. If you check this option, the list of added equipment will also include all available options for each piece of equipment. These include possible nozzles, as well as any available sizes of each component.

As pictured above, checking the Show Components option results in an excessively long list of added equipment. (The example above shows the available components for just one piece of equipment.) Unless you absolutely need to see all available components, we recommend leaving this option unchecked.

Highlighting (Locating) Equipment in Your Drawing

The Irrigation Manager includes a Highlight button to help you find equipment easily in your drawing.



To highlight all instances of a specific component in your drawing, select the component in the Irrigation Manager, making sure the Show Components option is unchecked.



Then click Highlight.




All instances of the selected component will be highlighted in yellow in your drawing.




You can also choose to highlight only a certain size or nozzle for a specific component in your drawing.



Place a check in the Show Components box, and select the size or nozzle you want to locate. Then click Highlight.



All instances of that size or nozzle will be highlighted in your drawing.

Undocking the Irrigation Manager

The Irrigation Manager is a docked palette by default. To find out how to undock it, see our docking and undocking the Irrigaiton Manager and Schematic Irrigation / Circuiting palette documentation.

Deleting Equipment

To delete a component from your project, highlight it in the Irrigation Manager and click Delete.


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General Irrigation Equipment Troubleshooting

Issue: When you try to select an equipment size from the Irrigation Manager, the size of the equipment doesn't change when you place it


Issue: You need to specify (add) equipment that is not currently in our database


Issue: CAD is crashing when you try to access a manufacturer's equipment


Issue: Error accessing equipment data in the project


Issue: Two identical pieces of irrigation equipment seem to have different font types or sizes in their callouts


Issue: Wrong irrigation symbols coming in


Issue: When you place heads or other equipment, they are coming in at the wrong scale


Issue: After you select a piece of equipment, you don't see any options for selecting a symbol


Issue: Specify (add) equipment that is not currently in our database


Issue: Bad DXF group (10) error when placing irrigation equipment


Issue: You are unable to select a new symbol for a piece of irrigation equipment




Heads (Sprinklers) Troubleshooting

Issue: I want to replace plant symbols with bubbler symbols so that, when I go to pipe the bubblers, the system will recognize them


Question: After I select a head, I don't see any options for selecting a head symbol. Am I missing a library item?


Issue: I received a "No Symbol" message when selecting heads, such as rotors or rotary equipment, to add to a project


Question: Is there a good way to show that a particular spray head is on a riser in an irrigation plan?


Issue: When I pipe to a head, the "snap" point is wrong


Issue: After I select a head, I don't see any options for selecting a head symbol. Am I missing a library item?


Issue: One of my heads is coming in oversized. All others seem to be fine.


Issue: The letters or attributes of your heads (such as rotors) are not centered


Issue: When you place heads or other equipment, they are coming in at the wrong scale


Issue: You want to make the spray radius lines of your heads visible when you plot or plot preview


Issue: Several buttons in the Irrigation Manager are grayed out and inaccessible


Issue: You tried to change from turf spray to shrub spray, but the symbols are not changing


Issue: Error: You already have the maximum allowed of that type of that equipment in the project (when adding heads, valves, or other equipment to a project)


Valves Troubleshooting

Issue: A valve in my drawing has either no precipitation rate or too high of a precipitation rate


Question: Can I create a dummy valve and assign it a GPM?


Issue: After I select a valve, I don't see any options for selecting a valve symbol. Am I missing a library item?


Auxiliary Equipment Troubleshooting

Question: Does the software account for pressure loss in equipment added as a custom element, such as a flow sensor?


Issue: After you select a piece of equipment (for example, a booster pump), you don't see any options for selecting a symbol


Drip Equipment Troubleshooting

Question: If I attach a point emitter to the drip line for additional watering, will the additional flow be included in the lateral pipe sizing?


Issue: A drip area isn't reading plants in the Xref


Issue: A drip area isn't reading groundcovers


Issue: Error: No Plants in the Project, Unable to Assign Emitters when attempting to place an Area for Drip Emitters


Issue: Polyline selected has arc segments – it must consist of only line segments


Issue: Remove or unassign a detail from irrigation equipment


Issue: Drip emitter areas in your drawing are showing the incorrect emitter quantity or flow rate


Issue: CAD crashes or freezes as soon as you open the Irrigation Manager

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