Drip Schedule
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Drip Schedule

A Drip Schedule is a list of all emitters, dripline, and other equipment related to drip irrigation you've used in your project. Depending on your preferences, it can include quantities and detail references. You can place the drip schedule in the drawing or send it to a spreadsheet for cost estimation.


The Drip Schedule is included in the general Irrigation Schedule.

Drip Schedule Overview

To generate a Drip Schedule, open our Irrigation Schedule tool:

F/X Irrigation ribbon, Irrigation Schedule option


F/X Irrigation ribbon, Irrigation Schedule option



F/X Irrigation menu


F/X Irrigation menu, Irrigation Schedule option

Irrigstion toolbar


Irrigation toolbar



Irrigation Manager toolbar


Irrigation Manager toolbar




or type IrrigSchedule in the Command line




The Irrigation Schedule dialog box includes a Drip section.


You can include your drip equipment with the rest of your Irrigation Schedule if you want.



To place a separate schedule showing only drip equipment, uncheck the Sprays/Rotaries/Bubblers, Rotors/Impacts, Valves/Equipment, and Schematic Areas boxes while leaving the Drip box checked.



Click OK to place your schedule.

Irrigation Schedule dialog box, Drip section

For more details on irrigation schedules, see our Irrigation Schedules documentation page.



Here's a sample Drip Schedule:


Example drip schedule

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