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Verify Mainline

Before you size the mainline pipe in your irrigation system design, we recommend verifying that you have piped to all valves, quick couplers (or hose bibbs), and any other mainline-related items.



Our Verify Mainline tool checks your mainline layout for errors related to piping, valves, controllers, and callouts. You can then use this helpful tool to locate and correct any errors in your drawing.



Our Locate Valve tool is a great companion to Verify Mainline. You can use Locate Valve to find any valve in your drawing and zoom in to see it instantly. Find out more >

Verify Mainline Overview

Access the Verify Mainline tool using one of the following methods:



F/X Irrigation ribbon, Verify Mainline flyout


F/X Irrigation ribbon, Verify Mainline flyout








Irrigation Piping toolbar


Irrigation Piping toolbar

F/X Irrigation menu


F/X Irrigation menu, Verify Mainline option




or type ValveCheck in the Command line




Verify Mainline checks your entire drawing for errors related to six specific mainline-related items, listed below.



You'll then see the Verify Mainline dialog box – essentially a checklist summarizing which of these items are correct in the drawing (indicated by a green check) and which have errors (indicated by a red X). Each list item will include the number of related errors in the drawing (if applicable) as well as a Highlight button to help you locate those errors.


Verify Mainline dialog box, overview

1. Pipe Fittings/Callouts: Because the Verify Mainline tool deletes these items automatically, you'll receive the message "Any errant pipe fittings or callouts have been deleted" every time you select Verify Mainline.


2. Valid Valve Callouts: Verification that all valve callouts are pointing to valid valves, or how many are not.


3. Controller Placed: Verification that a controlled has been placed in the drawing.


4. Lateral Pipes Sized: Verification that all valves have had their lateral pipes sized, or how many have not.


5. Valves Piped: Verification that all valves are connected to a water source, or how many are not.


6. Valves Called Out: Verification that all valves have been called out, or how many have not.

Your drawing may contain all, some, or none of these errors. As a result, your Verify Mainline checklist may resemble either of those pictured above – or something in between.

Highlight Buttons for Errors

The Verify Mainline dialog box also includes a Highlight button for the four checklist items that count errors in the drawing. Each button will highlight all instances of the corresponding error in a specific color, as listed below. Click the button for an error to locate and correct that error in the drawing.


Verify Mainline dialog box, Highlight buttons
  • Valid Valve Callouts: Highlight in Green


  • Lateral Pipes Sized: Highlight in Magenta


  • Valves Piped: Highlight in Yellow


  • Valves Called Out: Highlight in Cyan

No highlight is necessary for a missing controller. If you receive a message that a controller hasn't been placed, you can simply add and place a controller from our Auxiliary Equipment database to correct the error.

Locating and Correcting Errors

To locate all instances of a particular error in your drawing, click the corresponding Highlight button in the Verify Mainline dialog box.



For a video tutorial on how to find and address the possible errors detected by Verify Mainline, see our Irrigation Troubleshooting Tips Power Tip, linked to the right.





In the following example, we've run Verify Mainline on a drawing and found it to contain the following two errors:


  • Lateral Pipes Sized: Three valves have not had their lateral pipe sized.


  • Valves Called Out: Three valves have not been called out.

Seeing one of the other errors?

We'll cover how to address these two particular errors in the examples below. If you saw a red X below any of the additional errors, read the explanatory text beside it to determine the actual issue and how many times it occurs. Then click the Highlight button next to that error to highlight each instance in your drawing so you can investigate and correct it.


To ensure you've taken care of all the issues, make sure to run Verify Mainline again after making your corrections. See our Irrigation Troubleshooting Tips Power Tip, linked above, for a guide to fixing each error.

Errors highlighted in drawing




Two Example Errors: Lateral Pipes Sized & Valves Called Out

To locate and correct the Lateral Pipes Sized error, click the Highlight in Magenta button next to the error description.


Highlight in Magenta button for Lateral Pipes Sized error



The valve with the unsized laterals will be highlighted in magenta in the drawing, allowing you to size the laterals.

Valve with unsized laterals highlighted in magenta




Run Verify Mainline again to locate and correct the next set of errors.




To locate and correct the Valves Called Out error, click the Highlight in Cyan button next to the error description.


Highlight in Cyan button for valves without callouts



All valves in the drawing that have yet to be called out will be highlighted in cyan. You can then easily locate and call out all the valves.

Valves without callouts highlighted in cyan




Run Verify Mainline again after correcting the remainder of the errors (in our case, calling out the valves) ...



... and presto! You have assurance that your drawing is free of mainline-related errors.

Verify Mainline dialog box, all errors addressed




Valve-in-Head (VIH) Rotors and "Feeder Mainline"

Valve-in-head (VIH) rotors are generally piped with constantly pressurized pipe, which, by definition, is mainline. Although you'll use our Lateral Pipe tool when piping to and between VIH rotors, the system will recognize the valves in the heads and will treat the pipe as if it's mainline. As a result, our Verify Mainline tool will treat this pipe as if it's mainline and will error check it accordingly. See our VIH Rotors page for more information.

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Issue: Error: Valves Called Out: 0 valves have not been called out (or 0 items have not been called out) when running Verify Mainline


Issue: Lines in Model Space are appearing extra thick when using Verify Mainline

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