Move Piped Equipment
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Move Piped Equipment

The Move Piped Equipment tool allows you to move a piece of irrigation equipment, including all connected pipes, as well as any pipe and/or valve callouts. This process helps you avoid having to erase all the objects and re-insert, pipe, size, and call them out, when all that is needed is to move them slightly.



Move Piped Equipment now also allows you to:

  • Select and move pipe callouts along with your pipes
  • Move pipes that include pipe hops

Move Piped Equipment Overview

Open the Move Piped Equipment tool:



F/X Irrigaiton ribbon, Move Piped Equipment flyout


F/X Irrigation ribbon, Move Piped Equipment flyout



Irrigation Piping toolbar


Irrigation Piping toolbar

F/X Irrigation menu


F/X Irrigation menu, Move Piped Equipment option



or type HeadMove in the Command line



When you select Move Piped Equipment, the AutoCAD Command line will prompt you to Select head, valve, or fitting.



Select the equipment you want to move. Press Enter when finished.



You can now move the equipment to its new location. All connected pipes, callouts, etc., will move correctly with it.

We've built several keyboard commands into the Moved Piped Equipment tool, which will help you work even more efficiently. See the Keyboard Commands section below for details.




In the drawing pictured to the right, several heads need to be moved in order to reflect site changes.

Head to be moved, example




Click and move first head

Click the first head, then move it to where you want it.




Click the other heads, then move them.
Click and move other heads




When we move a head, any pipe connected to that head also moves. Any pipe labels connected to the pipe move as well.




A valve needs to be moved to the left.


Valve needs to be moved

Moving the valve also moves the pipe, pipe sizes, and valve callout.


Moving the valve also moves pipe, pipe sizes, and valve callout




You can either right-click or press the spacebar to return the moved equipment to its original position.

Keyboard Commands

While using Move Piped Equipment, you have the option to use several keyboard commands to work more efficiently. To see a dialog box showing these commands (pictured below), type K in the Command line while the tool is active.



You don't need to type K to use the keyboard commands – it's just a quick way to reference each of the commands and what it does in the dialog box pictured to the right. To use the keyboard commands, just press the corresponding keys on your keyboard.




Keyboard commands for moving piped equipment
  • ~`: Set the A and D keys to toggle between spacing or radius.
  • Q/E: Toggle to the previous/next radius.
  • W/S: Toggle to the maximum/minimum radius.
  • A/D: Decrease/increase the spacing or radius (depending on what you've set with the ~ and ` keys).
  • Spacebar: Restore the moved equipment to its original position.

Get to know our keyoard commands by playing our Drive game.

Error: Pipe Segment Has Missing Connected Entities

You might see the following error when trying to use the Move Piped Equipment tool:


Error: Pipe segment has missing connected entities.

Deleting pipe segment and aborting.

Error: Pipe segment has missing connected entities



This error pops up when you try to use Move Piped Equipment on one end of a pipe but you're missing a fitting on the other end.



To correct the error, you'll need to redraw the segment or section of pipe connected to the equipment you tried to move. After drawing the pipe, check to ensure that all necessary fittings are present. You should then be able to move your piped equipment without generating the error.

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Issue: Error accessing equipment data in the project


Issue: Error: Pipe segment has missing connected entities. Deleting pipe segment and aborting.

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