Insert Pipe Sleeve
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Insert Pipe Sleeve

After you've drawn lateral pipe, you can use our Pipe Sleeve tool to insert sleeves on the pipes of your choice. Sleeves placed in your drawing will be called out in the Irrigation Schedule.

Insert Pipe Sleeve Overview

Open the Pipe Sleeve tool:



F/X Irrigation ribbon, Pipe Sleeve flyout for lateral pipe
F/X Irrigation ribbon, Pipe Sleeve flyout for mainline pip


F/X Irrigation ribbon, Pipe Sleeve flyouts




Irrigation Piping toolbar


Irrigation Piping toolbar



or type PipeSleeve in the Command line




Area on pipe to receive a sleeve


Area on pipe to receive a sleeve.

Select pipe section to begin placing sleeve


After you select Pipe Sleeve, a pickbox will appear.

Select the pipe in question.




Click two points on pipe to place sleeve
Pipe sleeve placed

After selecting the pipe, click two points to draw a sleeve the length of the distance between the two points.

You can also place a sleeve where no pipe exists. This might be a case where you want a sleeve for future use, or one that is intended for just wire, etc. Instead of clicking a pipe, simply click two points and a sleeve will appear, spanning between those two points. In addition, you can use our Pipe Label tool to label the sleeve, giving it the size of your choice.




Keyboard Shortcuts for Toggling Between Your Pipe Sleeve Classes

When placing pipe sleeves, you can use keyboard shortcuts to toggle between the different pipe sleeve categories you've added to your project.


Type a number key (1 through 4) to toggle to the corresponding pipe sleeve category.




These categories will correspond with the pipe sleeve typs you've set up in your Pipe Data.

Unknown Keyboard Command error

If you press the 2, 3, or 4 number key and receive an Unknown Keyboard Command error in the Command line, it's an indication that you have not yet set assigned a sleeve type to this number in your Pipe Data, or that data might not have a symbol assigned.

Pipe Data dialog box, available pipe sleeve classes

Pipe Sleeves and Our Mimic Equipment Tool

Our Mimic Equipment tool (formerly known as Match Properties) now works on pipe sleeves.


To change out one pipe sleeve for another, open the Mimic Equipment tool and select a sleeve with your desired size as the Source Object. Then select the sleeve whose size you want to change as the Destination Object. The sleeve will be swapped out for the first size you selected.

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Labeling Pipe Sleeves

You can use our Pipe Label tool to label pipe sleeves by size. You can also use this tool to change the sizes of pipe sleeves. See our labeling pipe sleeves documentation for instructions.


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