Insert & Adjust Pipe Hops Manually
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Insert & Adjust Pipe Hops Manually

Our Pipe Hop tool allows the manual insertion of a hop or arc in your piping system. This tool can come in handy when one pipe conflicts with another pipe, head, or other equipment in your drawing.




Remember: Our Verify Laterals tool provides pipe hops automatically. The manual Pipe Hop tool is intended for extremely specific situations.

Inserting a Pipe Hop

Open our Insert Pipe Hop tool:



F/X Irrigation ribbon, Insert Pipe Hop flyout


F/X Irrigation ribbon, Insert Pipe Hop flyout




Irrigation Piping toolbar


Irrigation Piping toolbar




Type PipeHop in the Command line

F/X Irrigation menu


F/X Irrigation menu, Pipe Hop option




The cursor will turn into a pickbox, and the Command line will prompt you to Select Pipe.




Using the pickbox, click the pipe where you want to place a hop.



The hop will appear with its center at the location where you clicked.

Select pipe to place pipe hop




Pipe hop inserted

The pipe hop will be inserted at the point where you clicked.

Point(s) selected are not within pipe segment.

Getting this error message? If so, one or more of the pipe hop points you tried to place were outside selected the pipe segment. Take care that both points you select to place the pipe hop are within the pipe segment where you want to place the hop.

Adjusting the Size of a Pipe Hop

If you want to adjust the size of a pipe hop, click on it.


You'll see three pick points, as pictured to the right. You can move these points to your liking.

Adjusting the size of a pipe hop




Making pipe hop smaller

For example, if you want to make the pipe hop less pronounced, you can drag the top point inward.




If you hover the cursor on one of the pick points, you'll see a menu like the one pictured to the right.


You can select one of these options to adjust the hop. For example, you can select Stretch.

Menu with options to Stretch, Add, or Remove a pipe hop's vertex




Making a pipe hop narrower

In this example, we'll stretch the vertex inward to make the pipe hop narrower.


Keep adjusting the pick points until the pipe hop is the size you want.

Deleting a Pipe Hop

To delete a pipe hop, select the Pipe Hop tool, then click the pipe where you want to delete the pipe hop.

Selecting a pipe hop to delete




Pipe hop deleted

The hop will be deleted, and the pipe will revert back to a straight pipe.

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