Recalculate Zones
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Recalculate Zones

Our Recalculate Zones tool provides a quick way to generate new calculations for zones created using our Circuit tool. Use Recalculate Zones after moving the polyline boundaries of any zone. The flow totals of all zones in your drawing will be calculated and labeled.







This tool was previously only available as a button in the Circuiting Manager.

Recalculate Zones Overview

First, make any necessary changes to the polyline boundaries of zones in your drawing.


In this example, we'll move the boundary of this four-head zone ...

Zone with four heads, example




Four additional heads to add to the zone

... to include four additional heads.




After making your changes, open the Recalculate Zones tool:


F/X Irrigaiton ribbon, Recalculate Zones flyout


F/X Irrigation ribbon, Recalculate Zones flyout




Circuiting Manager, Recalc button


Click the Recalc button in the Circuiting Manager

F/X Irrigation menu


F/X Irrigation menu, Recalculate Zones option






or type FX_RECALCZONES in the Command line




The flow totals of all zones in your drawing will be recalculated and relabeled.

Zones recalculated and relabeled
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